Toothpicks + Beads + Styrofoam = 3-D Art

Create a masterpiece with simple items from your art cart and around the house! This 3-D Art activity teaches children a myriad of things including: design, color, fine motor skills, and a sense of accomplishment! Best of all their art can be displayed around the house with out taking up a lot of room!
To create you own bead sculpture, you will need a few supplies:
-Styrofoam of any shape or size (check old DVD player boxes or recent packages received in the mail. I bought (gasp! I know) from the Dollar Tree.
- craft beads (available at any place they sell crafting supplies)
-Toothpicks (Dollar Tree if you don't already have some)
-Glue (any variety, we chose glitter glue)

Cut your Styrofoam to make a small "canvas" to work with. You will see, ours was only a few inches long. Have your child stick a few toothpicks in there. If you want, add some glue to the bottom of the toothpick to give it more stability.

Have your child begin to add beads to the toothpicks, in whatever design and colors suit his/her fancy!

Add drops of glue to the tippy top of the bead towers to prevent all the beads from sliding off. We added glitter glue down the sides and all around the bead towers to give it more stability and texture and visual interest (or just because glitter glue is cool!)

Ta-Da! Our Masterpieces gathered together!


  1. This is so Eli! I'm on it!

  2. What a great idea! You're so creative! TFS

  3. I have a girly girl at home who will love this and a sculptural boy who will love it too for different reasons. Great idea!

  4. I like it. So simple and easy to do!


  5. That is really fun and super easy! I wonder if Logan could do it. I am always out for things that my 12, 7, and 2 year old can all get something out of.