Construction Paper Weaving

I thought this craft was going to turn out so great! It was colorful, spontaneous and the kids were really into helping me set up. The finished product looked so cute! They wanted to do one and I wanted to do it with them.


It became too difficult. They became frustrated and quickly lost interest and at one point my daughter even said "No, Mommy, you do it, you are better at it." That just broke my heart! So, I quickly discarded the weaving project and brought out our handy dandy creative memories small paper cutter and the kids went to town! Slicing and dicing little strips of paper to their hearts content. (Don't worry, the CM Paper cutter is specifically designed not to cut appendages and you can actually grip the blade with your hand and not get cut!) I was still supervising, however. :)

What I love about art projects that go horribly wrong is the opportunity it presents to talk to my kids about success and failure and trying hard and to focus on what really matters about creating something out of nothing. Yes, a finished project is nice. But, half of art is the process by which it happens-the creating is part of the fun! When something wasn't working (as in the paper weaving) we turned to what did work and made that work for us. I followed their lead this time. I understood that I was attempting something that was a little too complicated for where they are skill wise and that's okay too-it gave me a good read for future projects!

What I also love about failed projects is what happens afterward. The kids got out the paper cutter, which lead to getting the scissors out, which lead to also bringing out the glue and crayons! The failure of the weaving sparked their imaginations to play with the materials in such a way as to create their own masterpieces, their way. It was definitely a teachable moment! I don't have photos of much more, because as soon as they starting pulling out all their crafting supplies, I joined them in the fun!


  1. What a great idea to use your CM paper cutter. My kids would love to use it and they've seen me using it and variations on it and wanted to try.....

  2. hahaha, we fail at projects often, and you are right they often lead to different and better things.

  3. What a great post! I love how you posted about something that didn't really turn out how you hoped it would and yet you made the best of it and turned the kids attention onto something else. We all have those days and those moments!

  4. Good for you for going with the flow! Sometimes, I have to make sure that I'm not more concerned about getting pictures for my blog than I am with having fun with the project. Just a personal thing. :-)