Handprint Fish

Celebrateall things Ocean and specifically, those little guys in the sea
with this sweet Handprint Fish!

Better yet, put this handprint on a card for mother's day with the caption:
"Of all the fish in the sea, YOU are one in a million!"


  1. This is adorable! Your handprint crafts are always so cute, I love them!

  2. I am so doing this with my boys!

  3. Too funny! We made fish with our feet today:0)

  4. This is now on my list of activities for next week! BTW....bought some fun new Muffin Tins today. :)

  5. I'm such a sucker for kid hand print art! I just love coming over here every day and seeing what you have next for us :-)

  6. This fish turned out so cute. I also wanted to let you know even though I have a full English speaking class--the parachute is one of those times I usually have a sore throat when I'm done. They love it so much it becomes EXTREME PARACHUTE.

    I honestly would be very challenged in an Hispanic setting. I think it would require lots of patience and visual instructions. Good luck and take care.