Your Kids Can Build It With Home Depot and Lowe's

Your local Home Depot and Lowe's both have fantastic free kid's workshops on Saturday mornings (Lowe's is every other Sat. and Home Depot is the first Sat. of every month) where kids can build a pre-fab project and gain not only a beginning knowledge of real tools, but also a sense of accomplishment and confidence!

At your child's workshop, they will recieve an apron (just like the grown up employee's wear) and a set of goggles to take home and bring back for every project they do! Upon completion of their project, they recieve a certificate and a patch or pin to adhere to their apron.

(every project comes with well documented instructions!)

As a non-handy parent, I find this oppurtunity wonderful and it allows me to provide them with the experience, without, ahem, being handy myself! To sign up for a workshop, visit your local Home Depot in person or Lowe's online or in person as space is limited from week to week.


  1. We LOVE the Lowes classes! Cheeky has an entire apron full of patches from the ones he's made...he LOVES it! We haven't tried Home Depot yet, but we may start when he's a little older! I know Lowes projects repeat :)

  2. What a NEAT thing!! I'll have to check out our Lowes for this fun event for my oldest child.

  3. We were thinking about bringing Madison next Saturday to our local Home Depot! She always wants to help dad with any projects in the garage so I thought it would be a wonderful activity for her!

  4. I presented you with a lovely blog award on my blog. http://ch-leslie.blogspot.com

  5. I had no idea these fun little workshops were put on. ER is probably a bit on the young side but I'd love for her to be handy and not a honey please do kind of wife like I am. It's annoying having to wait for him to get stuff done. Plus I am sure she'd love banging.

  6. Hi Michelle,

    I came across your blog last week and absolutely LOVE it!!! You have the best ideas for kids!

    This past Monday I tried out the Muffin Tin Monday on my own kids. They thought it was the coolest thing ever and actually ate the most lunch they ever have!

    Thanks for the awesome ideas and for making us look forward to Mondays again!

    Tiffany :)