Blogging Advice For Mom Bloggers: Content is King

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I am by no means an expert...However, I've gotten a few emails as of late on the topic of blogging, so I'd like to take a moment and share with you one small piece of advice if you are just starting out or want to increase you readership. It's the most important rule in blogging. Here it is...

Produce good content.

Content is king in the land of blogging-everything else is just icing on the cake. The icing is important, it's what makes the cake look good. But, if you don't have substance, it won't be much of a cake, it'll just be icing.

So, in other words, write good stuff and people will follow. When blogging and writing good content it's important to remember your audience. Decide what you want your blog to be about. Is it cooking, crafting, parenting, kids, homeschooling, or a little bit of everything? For me, I write and share what I am most passionate about - putting the fun back into motherhood through topics on early childhood learning, kid crafts, DIY craft projects, and much more. My blog is an overflow of what I am already doing at home, hence the name "Her Cup Overfloweth".

So, what is good content? Good question. It must be useful, interesting and unique. If you write about cooking, recipes, and the general goings on in the kitchen-then focus on that and make it the best darn cooking blog anyone has ever read! Do research, link to other cooking blogs that inspire you, have a guest blogger in your area of focus. Be original with your content. No one will want to come you if they can get it somewhere else. I am often attracted to the content I can put into practice - a great recipe, a sweet DIY project, or a fun craft for the kids.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to write as often as you can. Good content must be fresh and relevant. People want to know about what you are doing now, not about what you did 3 weeks ago. If people tend not to post too often, then others tend not to look at their blogs too often. That being said I think there is definitely a balance and I am not encouraging you to post twice a day! Some mom bloggers post everyday, some post 3 times a week. I like to do a little of both. Some weeks it's everyday and others its only every other day. It just depends on what's going on "behind the scenes" if you will. A great way to post everyday is to schedule your posts a few days (or the night before) ahead of time. I am almost never awake past midnight, but I like to schedule my posts for those times because of the time differences (some of you are up at 3am my time!). If you use blogger, you can schedule your posts through the "post options" link just to the left of where you enter "labels". Enter the day and time and you are all set!

So, I hope this helps you a little (hopefully), and I am always available by email for any questions. I want to leave you with three of my fave blogging "go-to's":

blog coach - I love her approach to blogging. simple. encouraging. honest. you can even submit your blog to be critiqued by readers.
problogger - the ultimate
scribbit (click on her blogging label-she has some great posts that have really helped me!)


  1. Thanks so much! We'll just call you "the blogging Diva!" Thanks for your email!

  2. Great tips! I am giving my blog a make over and hopefully will be getting some followers.

  3. Are you serious? We can schedule our posts! haha I learn something new everyday! Do you know how to put videos on the blog from youtube?>

  4. Anonymous6:31 PM

    This is great and thank you for the resources. I already love BLOG COACH!

  5. Great tips hun thanks for sharing ;)

  6. I miss the days when I had posts "scheduled" ahead. Now I do them at all different times of the day and a little sporadically. I agree with you on the content thing though. I finally stopped doing the memes and blog award things because I didn't think anyone wanted to read them and they certainly didn't want to have to DO one.

  7. all good/thanks for the links.

  8. Thanks so much! I take advantage of that post scheduling feature and LOVE it!