Recycled Jello Container = Seed Starter Mini Pot

We learned about the life cycle of flowers today and how they go from a seed to a flower! We used recycled jello containers for mini pots (yogurt containers would also work!). We chose an annual, perennial, and pumpkin seeds. Our focus was on the process and less on results.

Here's how we started. Can you see my son in the background with his gloves on ready to get dirty? He chose the pumpkin seeds...we'll see how that goes!

To keep track of our planting, I photocopied the front of the seed packets, cut them out and used packing tape to adhere them to the cups.

Next, we added the soil. I was going to go organic, but I thought miracle grow moisture control might help speed things up a bit and protect the little seedlings from my tendency to over water.

We added water to each cup...

And set them on a ledge by a window for maximum sunshine. We were going to keep them outside, but we have rabbits and squirrels that like to get into things!

We followed up our planting with a set of
seed to flower picture sequence cards that detailed out the process. While I like this set, from A Child's Place it is missing a picture of the roots growing, which I think it important! It did help reinforce our planting and the kids loved it. I mixed hem up a few times and asked the kids what order they went in.

Too bad the wait is several days to see anything sprout! I guess it's another lesson: patience.


  1. You have the best ideas :)

  2. Great idea for recycled containers. I love the idea of photocopying the seed packets to use as labels.

  3. Great ideas...I love the seed packets for the containers pictures!!

  4. That is a great idea Michelle! I just love plant sciences. :)


  5. What a good idea for seed cups! You are so smart and creative!

  6. The clear cups are brilliant. Now do you have any tips on how to keep from killing them once their grown? ;)

  7. that's an awesome idea!!!!
    we eat alot of pudding and yogurt!!!!!