The Bumble Bee Beauty Salon

We pulled out all of our "beauty gear" recently and played "beauty shop". It was a fun diversion from the occasional "I'm bored!"

We gathered our beauty supplies:
-play mirrors
-empty containers for pretend hair care products
-old make up brushes

We called our clients...We knew they would love a free styling.

We got to work! First up, a wash, blow dry and a good hair brush was in order!

Next up, the curling iron, for that "just so" look!

As always, a good time was had by all. After our clients, we decided to give each other makeovers (Sorry, no photos of that-it was pure hideousness!). It was called "The Bumble Bee" after our aprons and table cloth!


  1. What fun! Sometimes I draw a face on a paper plate and let the girls go to town "making over" the plate with old makeup! Like you said...a break from the doldrums.

  2. Hi Michelle

    What a fun way to spend some time together.

    Your paper plate crown and matching bag is adorable. I am going to try your lovely idea with my little girl as I think she will love it.


  3. Anonymous11:01 PM

    What a blast!

  4. oh how cute! when i was a little girl i had the Farrah faucett head! :) how sad that she passed away :(

    I bet they had a blast we made a ice cream parlor: http://lettersnumbersandbooksohmy.blogspot.com/2009/07/julys-prop-box-ice-cream-parlor.html

  5. This is an adorable idea! It looks like you had a lot of fun here!

  6. fun! we played princess beauty shop a lot when i was on bed rest this winter. my hair was tucked and ripped at daily. but it made for great memories.

  7. Hey Michelle we added this one along with your restaurant post to tomorrow's post on Let's Pretend. We used a picture from the restaurant post in it, thanks for sharing and we hope it's still okay to use your photos☺

  8. My daughter loves playing beauty salon too... so much fun!!