Embellished Paper Plate Crown and Matching Purse

A little glitter, a halved paper plate and doily and some pink paint = Royal Magic!

I upgraded this classic children's craft with some glitter, iridescent ribbon, a doily, and petal pink paint.
To make the paper plate purse, you'll need:
~1 paper plate (stronger sturdier models work better, but mine is a Wal-mart special for 98cents & it worked great!)
~ Scissors
~ Hole Punch (use a punch smaller than your ribbon size).
~Embellishments (paint, glitter, stickers, etc.)

Here's How:
1. Cut the paper plate in half with the scissors.
2. Embellish the bottom/back of the paper plate halves with paint, gliter, stickers, etc. Let dry.
3. Join the two halves, embelisshed sides out.
4. holding the two halves together, punch holes around the rounded rim.
5. Thread the ribbom through the holes, making sure to tie off the ribbon at one end. Leave one hole at each end empty to tie on purse handles.

6. Tie ribbon to top holes on one side and string to other side. Viola! Purse straps!
7. Fill purse with pint sized goodies like polly pockets!
Hints and Tips:
~You can use yarn instead of ribbon.
~ For smaller children, skip the ribbon threading and just staple the bottom of the paper plate halves all the way around the rounded edge.
This post is also part of Ramblings of A Crazy Woman's We Made It! Friday Showcase!


  1. Loooove it! Especially the crown!

  2. beautiful! Every little girl should have one :)

  3. These are so great. How do you keep the crown on the head? What a wonderful princess party craft.

  4. I punched holes in the sides of the "crown" and tied off ribbon on both sides and then tie it in a bow underneath her hair!

  5. i posted this sweet idea at http://believingnature.wordpress.com/2009/07/09/embellished-paper-plate-crown-and-matching-purse/

  6. My little princesses would LOVE this!! Super easy and cute.

  7. Adorable! Makes me wish I had a sweet girl to make these with!

  8. so clever. crown is my fave also.

  9. My daughter will go crazy for that!

  10. very cute..i love it..

  11. Too too cute. My little one would love those. What great projects.

  12. Those are so cute - especially the crown!

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