More Bumble Bees!

After our Bumble Bee Beauty Salon Day, the kids wanted to do more activities revolving around bees. So, I decided to make a few cut outs for playing, counting, and the flannel board ( I could have just used felt, but I didn't have any black!).

I made my own bumble bee template using common household items.

I cut out the bodies with scissors...

I made the strips from black circles of the same size as the body.

I mounted the strips using a glue stick.

I addded bubble wrap wings, a cute smile and laminated them (make sure you let any glue dry before you laminate!).

I added a self adhesive velcro square (the rough side) so we could use it on the flannel board.

And speaking of flannel boards...Here's the back of mine, to show you that it's just a piece of foam core with a yard of flannel (bought at 1/2 price, that's why it's brown!) and some duct tape.

These little bees are perfect for counting, stories, and songs!

**tip: you could change up strips and create a matching game, you could number the bees, or only have each bee have a sertain number of strips. Endless possibilities, I tell you!


  1. Michelle, how creative! And I love how you used items you had around the house. Great job. :)

  2. Super cute!!! What a great summer activity.

  3. Very creative and interesting indeed!

  4. Flannel boards are new to me... but tape I can handle. Sewing or hard-core crafting, on the other hand, is way beyond me. How big is your board? Are they sold everywhere, or should I look at an art supply store?


  5. These are so great! I love them.

  6. Awesome idea to use bubble wrap for the wings. Your so inventive i.e. "sticker tag"..haha I have to do a post about it. Look at K...http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_1&listing_id=27986409

  7. ohhhh this post is so perfect--- I was just thinking about making a flannel-felt board AND I've had bees on my mind.

    Thank you sooooo very much for your huge dose of CREATIVE and AMAZING inspiration.

  8. Anonymous8:30 AM

    Both the flannel board and bees are a terrific idea - something I could even use with my 2 year old! Thanks!!