Muffin Tin Monday - Theme: Dips & Sauces!

This week's theme for Muffin Tin Monday is Dips & Sauces. Basically, create a tin around foods you can dip with and the dips and sauces to go along!
If you are new to Muffin Tin Monday, you can click over to the Muffin Tin Monday FAQ. However, in a nutshell: It's a blog carnival hosted here at Her Cup Overfloweth, where a bunch of us grown-ups get together and serve a meal in a muffin tin to our kids! Super fun!

(Sun Chips and Salsa, Apples and Yogurt, Ritz and Peanut Butter)

Note to self: always photograph muffin tin meals in the light, near a window-they look much more appetizing! Looks like a snack tin, but it was actually a late dinner for the kids. We had a crazy schedule of outings today that made for some equally crazy meal times-hence the "before bed muffin tin meal". They were hungry, I obliged. On a side note....apples and yogurt for dipping is so good! Oddly enough, my daughter was okay with the yogurt if there was an apple to dip with! Silly girl!

I am also proud to welcome all the super great moms from thebump.com's toddler forums! You ladies rock and I have enjoyed getting to know you through your forums and your love for MTM! Feel free to add your links, if you so wish!

**Oh, and check back here later today as I will be posting all the lovely details about a Muffin Tin Monday Swap (swapping fun muffin tins & accessories for MTM!)**

Did you make a muffin tin meal for your little one? Won't you share it with us?


  1. Love the Sun Chips and salsa! We did Ritz and pnut butter too:-).

    Can't wait to hear about this sway--I've been anticipating it's details:-)!!

  2. Apples and yogurt is one of my favorite snacks, too!

  3. Just posted my MTM. We also did the apples and yogurt, so yummy :)

  4. Michelle, Wonderful tin! Strawberry yogurt and apples sounds great (and refreshing right now in this heat). Do the sun chips go well with the salsa? I have never had that.

    Would you tell the lady at this blog that her comment bar is cut off for some bloggers. I can't comment on her blog because of it.