Ojo De Dios or God's Eye Craft

I have become some what fascinated with the beautiful simplicity of the Ojo De Dios. The Ojo has roots in the ancient Huichol Indians of Mexico. Early account of the brightly colored combination of yarn and sticks is said to symbolize the all seeing eye of God and represents the power of seeing and understanding unseen things. I think the Ojo De Dios (translated from Spanish to "Eye of God") is a beautiful reminder of God's watchful eye on us as we navigate life.

Ojos De Dios are relatively easy to make, which is another thing I love. Their simple construction makes them a perfect kid's craft (although I would suggest this for ages 5 and older-but it's up to you.)
You'll need a few things to make one.
Assorted colors of yarn.
Small craft sticks
Super glue (optional)

Here's how to make an Ojo De Dios:
Step 1:
Hold two sticks together with your thumb & forefinger. (You can also super glue the sticks together so it makes it easier to handle.). While holding the sticks, wrap the yarn around the sticks diagonally two to three times and then two to three times the opposite directions.

As shown below:

Step 2:
Next, wrap the yarn around one side of the cross, as shown:

Step 3:
Carry it over, diagonally following the line of the previously wrapped yarn

Step 5:Continue to wrap the yarn over each side and across diagonally (see video below for further visual explanation). It should begin to look like this.

Continue wrapping until you reach your desired number of rows

It should look like this, so far...

Here is a short video of the wrapping technique in action:
Step 6:When you are ready to change colors, tie the two pieces of yarn together and continue wrapping. I snip the ends off and tuck them away so they only show on the backside of the Ojo.

Here is my progress so far. I've switched to yet another color.

Last Step:
When I have reached my desired color combo and length, I take the yarn and at one end of the craft stick, I tie it off loosely. It doesn't look like it holds, but it does! The little bit of extra yarn is perfect for hanging the Ojo. You can also add a little super glue right at the tie off to secure. I thought about knotting it off, but I though it wouldn't look crisp and clean.

Here's a playful video my daughter and I made this year (in 2016) of making the Ojo De Dios Craft!

Here is the finished Ojo De Dios. Bright. Cheerful. And a beautiful reminder of God's loving watchful eye over me!

Here are a few more we have made...

So that's it for this Ojo De Dios Craft. So pretty and colorful!



  1. What a lovely craft. One to file away for when Froglet is older - I know he'd get frustrated with it now!

  2. I used to make these when I was a kid! We even have some on our Christmas tree that I made and my mom passed on to me. My daughter has been asking to make these--thanks for the reminder!!

  3. great job on the eye craft, they came out pretty!

  4. Now who knew how "simple" they are to make?

    Thank you for supplying the instruction for these. I may have to make a few and then teach my niece over the holidays. I can see a few of these hanging in the window very soon.

  5. I remember making these as a kid. We loved them.

  6. Thanks for this post! I used to make these when I was a little girl, but have since forgotten how to do it! I'll have to make some of these with my nieces and my son. :)

  7. This is a very cool craft! I will have to wait fo rthe boys to be a little older but how awesome! Thanks for sharing this with us!

  8. those are lovely.

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  10. These are so pretty. We'd love to try this craft out.
    I just gave you an award, here:
    Please feel don't feel obligated.

  11. Those are really cool. My kiddies are a little young, but I would like to try one myself! Thanks.

  12. This brings back so many Girl Scout memories! Thanks!

  13. Such a great tutorial! I just posted about God's Eyes too but since I couldn't figure out a good way to write the tutorial, I just made them into a memory keeper! ;)

  14. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Do you know how to make 3-D ones?They are really easy...

  15. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I make them with my 5th grade class every year. They love them!

  16. Looks so fun...great project to do with my girls!

  17. We made these yesterday! I was looking around the web to find out if there was another name for them :) So much fun!!!

  18. Where did. You find those craft sticks? They are the perfect size.

    1. I got these craft sticks at Michael's craft stores

  19. KidZania6:45 AM

    Great instructions! About how much yarn per craft is needed? For example, about what length of yarn per color was used?

  20. KidZania6:46 AM

    Also... what length of sticks were used?