Serve Sorbet in a Sugar Rimmed Glass!

Your summer party guests will enjoy their sweet treats a little more with this simple garnishing tip: Rim your dessert glass and/or bowl with coarse decorating sugar! In fact, why wait for summer party guests? Your family will appreciate this simple addition as well! If you want to know, here's how:
1. Find coarse decorating sugar and put it in a shallow bowl or pan. I bought a pre-made watermelon flavored cocktail edger at my local grocery. Worked great!

2. Choose your serving glass and/or dish. Clear is preferable. Wine glasses make perfect single serving dishes for desserts!
3. Using a very damp cloth or sponge, swipe the edge of the dish. (you can also cut a wedge of a small piece of fruit, like a lemon or a lime and use that to rim the glass-best to do with unflavored sugar).

4. Very quickly dip the dish into the sugar, giving it a little turn to cover all the missed spots.

It should look something like this (the very tip of the rim is recommended for drinks):

5. Add a cool and refreshing dessert (mine is raspberry sherbet, the creamy sister of sorbet)
6. Top with two freshly chilled raspberries and a sprig of mint! Simply delicious! And it's a dessert that packs a lot of "wow factor" for very little effort! Happy Entertaining!


  1. AWESOME!! What a cool idea!!

  2. Hi Michelle

    This makes for a very festive looking dessert.

    I was also inspired by this idea when it came to decorating some candle holders and wrote this blog post about it:



  3. Love this idea! I linked to it.