Friday Find: Dollar Store Barbie iDesign Cards

Let's face it, the toys at the dollar store are usually junk. They break within 30 seconds of purchase (I have had this happen in the parking lot on the way to the car!). But, that's why you buy them-they're cheap and if it breaks-you haven't sacrificed too much for those 30 seconds of bliss for your child. They have a few diamonds in the rough if you know where and how to look.

On the hunt through the local Dollar Tree a few weeks ago, My sweet Little Miss happened upon these Barbie iDesign Cards. They are so great! There in the store I reverted back to a little girl-almost as excited as she was for this simple purchase! Let me break it down for you (I'll try to contain my excitement!).

It comes with a pack of cars and a little display case.

We purchased an extra pack of cards (they had those too). They come with a background, a Barbie (Barbie, Summer, or Teresa), Clothes, and various accessory cards.

You then layer them together to create your super cool display! You can interchange backgrounds, clothes and accessories and give each girl a new look!

My daughter loves them and they are the perfect quiet toy for the doctors office, restaurant, or whenever! And they only cost a dollar! woo-hoo!


  1. Great find! I'll have to look for these next time I'm out.

  2. I hope I can find these at mine!!!!

  3. Those are so cool! I hope I can find some of those at our store.

  4. Yup, those would have totally been my favorite thing when I was little!

  5. these are SO neat! I'm going to look for them next time (I go their weekly, sometimes several times a week!) lol

  6. So that's what they are, I've seen them a couple of times, but wasn't sure so I didn't buy them. My little girl would probably love those. I'll keep an eye out for them now.

  7. oh those are cool. too bad I don't have a DT anymore.

  8. Very cute! I will have to keep an eye out for those.

    By the way, I nominated you for an Honest Scrap Award.

    Check out the details on my blog The Wonder Years.

    Honest Scrap Award


  9. Those are so cool! Guess I need to find the $ Tree near me :)