Group Art: Painting With Toilet Brushes!

Working together to create art can be not only be fun, but a great way to promote cooperation, and to encourage the process of art, not just the product! We gathered the supplies... the paint, the paper, the new toilet brushs (from the dollar store)!

We got ready to paint...

And before you knew it, we were stamping away! The kids were having so much fun! They enjoyed using the toilet brushes (who would have thought?) to paint! And then...

Things got a little messier. Thekids began wiping away all their pretty stamping to make this mish mash of color....I was feeling a little uneasy, how far were they going to take it?

Well, they covered their entire "canvas" with the paint (which went from red and blue to some sort of purple/pink mixture!)

Look how happy the kidlets are with thier artistry!

I had a feeling that this might happen! So, we decided to revisit the stamping to technique and add white "stars" to the purple and pink. My little miss even said "oh, mommy the stars are so pretty" & little dude said "there's so many of dem".

What fun we had working together to create this work of art! It's now hanging in their bedroom!

Who would have thought that two new toilet brushes and some paint could have provided such fun!


  1. this came out gorgeous michelle and what a great idea!!!

  2. That is too cool! What a fun, creative idea!

  3. awe how much fun is that?!

  4. That is a great idea! Those brushes are perfect:0)

  5. How funny is that....a toilet brush!

  6. What a great idea. I will go and get the toilet brushes today and do this with the boys!!

  7. Very cool and creative idea!

  8. Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that I posted about you today on my blog. Mostly a thanks for your muffin tin Monday helping me reach my first blog goal of 50 visitors in one day! I also mentioned your fun craft ideas.

  9. Hi Michelle

    Who would have thought so much creative fun could be had with toilet bushes! The finished art work looks great. It's always the simple things that you stumble across that seem to work out the best.

  10. That would make a really cute wrapping paper! :) My kids are going to try that very soon for paper for Christmas.