Preschool Art: Marble Painting

Marble Painting is a super simple and fun way to create a wonderful piece of art! They are great just by themselves, or you can trace a shape onto to the paper before you add the marbles and paint(as seen below). Later when it's dry, you can cut out you shape!

To make your own marble painting masterpice, you'll need a few supplies:
~open, (preferably shallow) carboard box
~tempra paint (washable if possible)
~paper to paint on (able to fit in box)
~small yogurt container for paint and marbles (see below)
~spoons (plastic or otherwise)
(It's always a good idea to gather your supplies before you begin!)
How to:
Place your paper inside the box...

Gather you yogurt (or other small containers) add the marbles and paint.

Swirl the marble around in the paint. Spoon out your paint covered marble onto the paper in the box.
Tilt the carboard box from side to side and watch as the marble leaves "tracks" and create beautiful strokes of paint!

Ta-da! A wonderful work of art! My kids didn't want me to cut out their paper, so we left it "as is"-which is pretty great too!

Happy Painting!


  1. Very cute. Great craft project!

  2. I also gave you an award, if you want it or into that kind of stuff! If not just know that you are liked!

  3. Our preschoolers just love marble painting. Such an easy and simple activity and what a huge response.

  4. Anonymous5:09 AM

    How neat! I will be giving this a try with my preschooler!

  5. marble painting is such fun. last year, when our trees were covered in apples, we did apple painting!

  6. So much fun! We also do golfball painting, using the same technique. They love it!

  7. What absolute FUN and JOY---- we've never tried marble painting... My son Mason collects Marbles, so I'll to put this on our winter-to-do-list. THANKS!!!!!!!!

  8. This is one of our favorite activities, and I LOVE that you have them scoop the marble out with a spoon. Seriously, that changes things SO much and makes me want to try it again soon (last time, my daughter threw a FIT when she had to reach in and grab the marble, but she didn't want ME getting it, nor did she like pouring it out because paint came with it). Love it!!