Summer Outdoor Learning Activity: Sort and Match "Laundry" Fabric Scraps on a Kid-sized Clothesline!

Treasure those last few weeks of summer outside with an activity that is not only fun, but educational too! Sort and match "laundry" (fabric scraps) on a kid-sized clothesline! Educational benefits include: fine motor skills, sorting, marching, counting, and much more! This can be made into several activities with just a little tweaking!
You'll need:
~Fabric scraps in various colors/patterns
~Clothespins ($1 at the dollar store)
~Yarn or string
~ Two smallish chairs

Here's a pictorial of how we did it!
First, Gather scraps of fabric from your stash. Virtual any size will do. Cut them into squares, two for each pattern/color!

Make your own clothesline by tying a long piece of yarn to two (preferably kid-sized) chairs! have the kids help you put up the first set of "laundry" to dry.

Then, see if they can match the corresponding colors to each scrap (ahem, piece of laundry).

For the younger set, try just working with the clothes pins...

Ta-da! (we moved into the shade..and there you see my little miss-still in her PJ's!)

Number the clothespins to work on letter recognition and counting (this also works for the alphabet too!)

(I tried to get them to stay up, but they kept swinging over, hence, the upside down view!)

This activity can be worked to accommodate many age levels!
Playing with fabric scraps is an excellent sensory experience for them!
just match the scraps of fabric together.
play with only the clothesline and pins
Match the fabrics on the clothesline
Number the clothespins and count them!
Set up two clotheslines and have a mini-relay!
~Older Kids
Time the matching, see how quickly you can get them up and matched!
Race with a friend or sibling!
hide them around the yard or house and make it a scavenger hunt!


  1. too cute, I keep meaning to pick up some clothes pins!

  2. That's a cute activity, lots of different things to do. And I am sooo glad my little one is not the only one who stays in pj's during the day lol. Cute pics. :)

  3. Cute idea! I absolutely love it! My girls would love it too. How fun!

  4. Cool stuff! Weirdly we just did this this morning, but not matching fabric. We cut out clothing shapes from paint swatches.

  5. What a great idea! :) I'm sure it would be fun for my son. He already likes to "help" with the laundry. ;)

  6. Cute idea-I was just about to get rid of some fabric I didn't need-Thanks!!

  7. Hi Michelle

    I love the ideas for adapting this to suit younger and older children.

    My little girl loves using her clothes line to hang out her "washing" - which can be anything from pieces of paper, to bits of material, little figurines etc etc!

  8. Great idea! We've got all of those supplies around the house already so I'll definitely try this out soon. Thanks!

  9. I absolutely adore this idea, Michelle! I am always looking for fun girlie things to do for tot school.

    I love your new MTM button - so cute! I can't wait until I can join back up!

  10. ohhhhhhhh I HEART THIS completely!!!!! I'm a sucker for fun sweet laundry fun...

  11. That is so precious! My son is going to love doing this.