Things I Googled This Week Vol.3

So, I had to share with you all the crazy things I googles this week! It's been a wild week, full of high drama around here. Here's what landed on my google search page during all the chaos!

1. Social Security For Illegal Aliens Scam- do email hoaxes know no shame? We recieved an email about this, so I had to look it up on snopes.com of course. If you ever think an email might be a hoax or a scam-check out snopes first!

2. Brown Hairy Spider - my brother-in-law found a golf ball sized brown hairy spider in our garage....eeeewwwww! I was pretty scared! I checked online to see if I could find out what kind it was- no dice (aparently there are a lot of brown hairy spiders in this world!)

3. wilton cake supplies - looking for stuff for muffin tin monday!

4. blogworld conference - I guess there are a lot of blogging conferences out there! I thought I knew about them all. Blogworld is a conference that brings people together across all forms of media (although I don't think I would ever say I was in "media"-I'm just a mom-like you!)

5. craft rooms (google image search) - drool. wipe drool. drool again.


  1. Anonymous5:42 PM

    what did you find out about the blog confrences?

  2. That made me want to google craft rooms...I'm off to spend time drooling about those too. =)

  3. i love this theme for a post! you saying something about the blogging conferences made me curious... now i am going to be googling it!

  4. I love snopes and run almost any email that is forward to me through there and sadly enough, almost all of their are fake! The internet is a great place to find things (like your blog =} ) but there is also A LOT of junk out there! Happy Sunday!