Things I Googled This Week Vol.3

Photo by Tina Keller. (this is not my dd)

It seems like many of you have enjoyed my "Things I Googled This Week" posts, so I thought I would keep the ball rolling and see where it goes!

This week I googled a few more random things. In no particular order (other than that which I remember), here they are:

1. When is the appropriate time for children to stop taking naps? It was a long one to google and I didn't find what I was looking for... I think I may need to change the search.

2. Victoria Price. It's all about iCarly's iFight Shelby Marx in this household (my little miss can't get enough, and wants to replay it on Tivo everyday!) and I wanted the lowdown on the guest star. Just because.

3. San Rafael, CA. Coach is up for a job at a local Jr. High in this beautiful City. I went with him to the interview more than seven hours away and I fell in love with this area of California! We drove over one of the bay bridges and I was not used to the double decker concept! It was pretty fun and the people there are incredibly friendly!

4. SNL Spoof Maraca. If you have never seen this spoof and your child watches Dora the Explorer, you will probably laugh hysterically (like I did). I was just telling someone about it this week, and it's still funny every time I see it - Maraca's sidekick is named "mittens". (update: there is one portion, near the end that is not family friendly. :/

5. Muffin Tin Monday - I know, I know. Googling my own blog carnival seems weird. I guess I just wanted to see what popped up!


  1. I have to check out the Maraca spoof, I feel like I have seen it, but when you mentioned it I was blanking and didn't get to check.

    I have goodsearched (kind of like googling, but for charity!) a few things:

    * Where to get CEUs for LCSWs.
    * The Fall TV premiere schedule (can't wait!)

    And more, I'm sure!

  2. We like Victoria Justice seh use to be on Zoey on 101

    she is supposely dating Taylor Launter from Twilight and New Moon (Jacob Black)

    as for the naps mine both gave them up at 1 years old so I'm no help there but usually its around 3 or 4 i think

  3. Personal opinion . . . I still take naps. I don't think it's something to worry about or analyze. Just go with the flow.

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only mom stuck with the iCarly thing. My 6 year old son loves that show.

    All my boys quit napping around 4 but I traded off with sleeping more at night.

  5. Did this come up?


    I posted it just for you. ;)


  6. I'm 32 and I still could use a nap everyday :)
    My daughter will be 4 in October and she still takes at least a 2 hour nap almost everyday. She can go without it but I don't see the need to push her out of them. She's starting 1/2 day school this year so we signed her up for morning so she can still nap if she needs.

  7. I think this article may help you answer your napping question. I found it a few years ago and regularly revisit it to see how much sleep my children need. I know I will be sad when they stop napping. I hope this helps. And I love you blog.


  8. I don't know how in the world I landed up on your blog - after a marathon session of blog hopping - but I loved what I read.
    I took up this idea here:
    Thank you for the inspiration. shine on.

  9. What a fun idea, Michelle! I love it! Think I'll post a list of my own one of these days. Clever lady, you!