Alternate Uses For Disposable Party Containers

Have you had a party recently? Then you might have a disposable party container lying around. I hate throwing away containers like this! They can be put to use in so many alternate ways!

Here are a couple ways you can reuse disposable party containers:

Use them to store kid's crafting and collage materials.
Perfect for pom-poms, googlie eyes, and much more!

Use it for early learning. Your child can use it to sort buttons, craft pom-poms, and much more!

Don't I have an obscene amount craft poms-poms? I know, it's terrible.


  1. What a great idea. Our problem is an overflow of beads.

  2. Good idea. I hate throwing out perfectly good containers.

  3. Great idea! I love finding double uses for things and this is a new one. Thank you.