Mini Bento aka Muffin Tin Meal On The Go!

My kids love muffin tin meals so much that they beg to have them for their school lunches! After putting a little something together this morning, I realized that this is basically like a bento box (which is what inspired MTM). And, truthfully, my little creation here is so far beyond what a bento box really looks like, that to call it a bento seems to bentos a bad name! So, I'll just call it a "mini bento box" or "muffin tin meal on the go"!

The kids loved it! (they always sneak a peek in their lunch boxes before we leave to make sure I made what they wanted!
Someday I hope my kids will gravitate towards the utter coolness that is laptop lunches. But, for now, there is no taking away that Power Ranger lunchbox!


  1. What a great idea. My little man just started all day Kindergarten...I bet he would love to get a Muffin Tin meal for school lunch!

  2. That would be a great idea for my boys lunch! I will have to try that! I am always looking for new ways to give them lunch!

  3. What a fun idea!! Your kids are lucky to have you. :)

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