Muffin Tin Monday Info On Upcoming Themes

This coming Monday's MTM theme is Apples. I just wanted to clarify that this theme is open to interpretation and doesn't necessarily mean that the entire muffin tin meal should be comprised of just apples (although that might be fun too!). Thought I would share with you a few ideas I had:

~Center the MTM around a favorite apple-themed book
~Make it an apple dippers snack, complete with PB, caramel, or other fun dips!
~Create fun animals/objects with apples and other fun foods!

After the apples theme will come All About Me! I am excited about this theme and it was shared by Katy of Sycamore Stirrings, the originator of MTM. She mentioned that we could do favorite foods, colors, animals and places. You can focus on your child's heritage, family members, state you live in, etc. Should be fun!

I will also be featuring in that same post an "All About Me!" board book I will be making for the kids, so if you would like to join me in making one, I would love it! Also, if you have already made something similar, feel free to add it (via link or photo) to your MTM post! (Please do not add a photo book post to the MTM Mr. Linky. It is reserved solely for MTM posts! Thanks!)
Lastly, I am working through some MTM swap business and if you have not received your swap package yet and have contacted me, I am working on resolving the issue. If you are a swap participant that has not sent out you package or have not been in contact with your swap partner since the deadline, PLEASE contact your partner, to check in and see if they have received your package. If you do not send the package you committed to sending, you will not be invited back to participate in another swap.


  1. Thanks so much for posting about these ahead of time - that really helps me with planning grocery shopping!

  2. Thanks for the ideas!! I can't wait until Saturday I will be fixing the boys a fun filled apple lunch - I went online and found some fun receipes to give them. I also found a fun craft with apples!

  3. I have a great All About me book I made and this coming monday Apples will be a first for us.

    Cloudy is next can we just include foods from the book?

  4. Oh, I'm SO excited! And, I love having advance notice because it really helps me come up with some fun ideas!

  5. Our first MTM this week didn't go so well (J didn't want half the stuff I gave him and took them all out of the tins) but we're going to try it again. =) Hopefully this time it works better. Also, when is the next swap? I missed the one just recently and would love to do it next time.

  6. @katie, @Our Little Family, - Themes are always posted ahead of time on my sidebar

    @sarah - the next swap, will be sometime around dec.1st

  7. Love the apples ideas! I was totally thinking about dipping, just trying to figure out what with! :D