Muffin Tin Monday - Theme: CLoudy With a Chance of Meatballs, Children's Literature

Her Cup Overfloweth is The Offficial Home of Muffin Tin Monday, a weekly blog carnival where each week we share the muffin tin meals we make for our kids! A muffin tin meal is, to put it simply, a meal in a muffin tin. It's a great way to bring a little fun into the daily lunchtime routine. The muffin cups are small in size and make for a great way to serve a variety of foods in small portion sizes. Sometimes there are themes (always check my sidebar for those) and sometimes there aren't. For more info, be sure to check out the Muffin Tin Monday FAQ!
This week's theme is Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs/Children's Literature. The book, the movie, or if you fancy another children's book, that's okay too! For our tin, we kept it super simple. Mostly because I am not feely well today, but also becaue, well, I was a little stumped with ideas!
Little Miss was excited for this tin! We had:
spaghetti with meatballs, soup, goo fromt he movie, a.k.a. jello) and juice.
In the book, the town of Chewand swallow is affected with crazy weather every day! Three times a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) it rains soup and juice, the wind brings foods like hamburger and it snows mashed potatoes!
Even though I wasn't feeling well, the kids had a blast! I am excited to see what everyone has made for MTM! Did you make a muffin tin meal this week? Please share it with us by leaving the URL of the blog post or photo below!


  1. I LOVED this theme! It was so fun! I thought about doing soup and Jello too. I was out of Jello :( and my son is not very good with soup yet (needs more practice "scooping"). ;)

  2. I have been following your MTM's for a few weeks now and think I finally have the courage to give it a try!

  3. After completing my first MTM - a day where everything kept going wrong, I look forward to other Mondays coming.
    Ladies you really go to so much effort.
    And I made a DUMB thing - Linked my page by my name instead of my blog...I am sure I will catch on quickly!

  4. I hope you feel better!

    Wish I had some of that spaghetti:-).

  5. I can't find where you post your themes? I just found your blog last Tuesday and checked back everyday for the theme but can't figure out where to find it? Thanks!

  6. I love your muffin tin...the children's literature theme is so much fun! I wish that Emily got a little more into the book. It was just way to long for her. Hopefully next time we try it. I will have a lot of wonderful ideas for a fun lunch!

    I was thinking a fun theme might be a Muffin Tin based on a favorite children's song.

  7. Great tin! I like the "children's Lit." theme so glad you do MTM it gives us something to look forward too!

  8. Cute theme! But mine's a non-themed MTM :)

  9. I love the idea of Muffin Tin Monday. I will try it one of these days. I need to get muffin tins for all five kids and snoop around the blogs listed here and come up with some creative ideas that will work for us. Thanks for hosting. I am very inspired.