No Need For The Sunday Paper

This weeks links are so great, I can hardly contain my excitement! There are some wonderful links for mom and some fantastic sites for kids!

So...grab a cup of joe (or herbal tea if that's your fancy), make sure your kidlets are nearby to check out some of these fun finds, and happy clicking! After all, who needs the Sunday paper, right?

Bembo's Zoo: I actually stumpled upon this today while using of all things stumbleupon.com! Click on a letter of the alphabet to see a fun transformation! Your kids will love it!

Plum Pudding: How to keep Sippies clean. Who would have thought that chenille pipe cleaners would do the trick! This post was so helpful!

Crayola Creativity Central: In their Fun and Games section, kids (or you...wink,wink) can create their own virtual fireworks show! So fun!

Mommy To 3 Blessings: Jennifer (and her brother Tony, a soldier) share an incredibley touching story of his experience on that fateful day: His 9/11 Story.

No Time For Flashcards: Alli actually uses flashcards for this fun and super cute room decoration!

Scripture For Sunday
Wisdom that comes from God...

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  1. LOVE the link for keeping sippies clean! A constant source of frustration for me--will be doing this today. Thanks!!