Play Stuffed Animal Hide and Seek With Your Kids

In Little Miss' Kindergarten "take home packet" we get every Friday, there are often ideas for at home activities that parents can do with their children. One such idea was to use your children's stuffed animal to play "hide and seek".

The idea is to take turns hiding the stuffies around the house and let the others hunt for them. This is the perfect idea for those days indoors when your kids complain of being "bored" or you are looking to inject a little energy (like you need more, right?) into your daily play time.

We have had so many stuffed animals in our house over the years, that at one point, we needed a laundry hamper to store them in! We've cut down quite a bit these days, with a treasured few making their home on the kid's beds. I knew that the kids would love this idea, and it gave my daughter a chance to go back to school today and share how she had "played that game from the packet", as she says. Another added bonus: It took up a good hour after dinner. The kids were good and tired and ready for bed!

Here's how we made this idea work for us:

~The kids picked which stuffie they wanted us to hide.
~We made sure they got a good long look at it before hiding it, so they knew what they were looking for!
~After we hid the stuffie, we used the "cold, warm, hot" strategy to help our youngest search in the right area.
~ After the stuffie was found, it went into a "booty" pile, where each kid got to stack up their "winnings".


  1. Cute idea, expect that would mean I might need to clean up a little more since I think there might be some stuffies already hidding :)

  2. That is a great idea! I think I might do this once the weather turns colder. Great indoor play! We play hide in seek with them already, just learning the hiding part though they like to come out of hiding before time! You have some great ideas!!

  3. This is a perfect idea!! Now I can't wait until our next "rainy day". My boys will love this.

  4. What a great idea! Thanks :) So much better than trying to hide my big self in the limited amount of hiding spots in our house.

  5. We hid one in the fridge and our son totally found it right away!

  6. That is a really cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love this idea!

  8. I'm so playing this game tomorrow with the girls, C will love it and M will just laugh along behind..lol Thanks!!