Make A Summer Playlist

Today, on our daily walk to school my sweet little miss asked me "Is summer over Mommy?" I said it didn't have to be, that we could carry the spirit of summer with us all year long! She said "How do we do that?" I said we could make a summer playlist together of songs that remind us of summer and whenever we wished for those summer months, we could just play our summer songs and be magically whisked back to days filled with warmth, sunshine, and cool glasses of lemonade.

There is something about a song that can take you back to a special place or time and even remind you of a special person in your life. That's why I knew, making a playlist (we used to call them mix tapes) would be a wonderful way to remember this past summer and to carry with us all year long!

Here is our list of family-friendly (ish) tunes we compiled using iTunes (most songs cost 99 cents). We were able to burn it to a CD (for car rides) and listen to it within minutes!

I'm Yours by Jason Mraz
Mama Mia from Mama Mia! The Movie Soundtrack
Into Yesterday by Sugar Ray
I Want You Back by The Jackson Five
Surfin' Safari by the Beach Boys
Build Me Up Buttercup by the Foundations
Summertime by Will Smith
Kokomo by The Beach Boys
My Love is Your Love by Whitney Houston
Somewhere Over The Rainbow by Isael Kamakawiwo'ole one of my all time faves!)

A Summer playlist can be listened to all year long and is a great tool on cold winter days when you are stuck inside for long periods of time.

How do you say goodbye to summer? Do you have any special traditions?


  1. What? No mention of the ultimate summer year 'round musician, Mr. Jimmy Buffett?
    Fins To The Left, Fins To The Right!
    Brown Eyed Girl!
    Cheeseburger in Paradise!

    Anything with a steel drum in the background immediately puts me on a sandy beach in my mind. You'll wish you had these come January, when you're tempted to crank the heat, put on your swimsuits and grass skirts and dance around the coffee table with (mock) Mai Tais! Who needs Christmas in July when you can have the best of July in January?

  2. oh my goodness, how could I have not included jimmy buffet and van morrison! Argh! Must make alternate copy!

  3. Summertime by Will Smith is the best! And I've been looking for that version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Thank you for posting the artist - now I can put it on my ipod and burn it onto our summer CD! Thanks for such an awesome idea!

  4. How could you burn a CD using your iTunes music? I haven't been able to do that yet. I have an iPod and I can download them onto that... but I haven't been able to burn a cd. Please... do tell.

    Your list sounds great! I would include Black Horse and a Cherry Tree by KT Tunstall to mine... and
    Lucky by Jason Mraz, Dream by Pricilla Ahn, and Sitting on the Dock of the Bay by I don't remember which. ;)

    My summer playlist (ie: Canning playlist) has 74 songs this year. Wouldn't fit on a cd... but I SO want some of these babies in the car.


  5. that's so sweet of you..and how you explained to her.. adorable! The list is cute to!
    Happy Thursday!

    *visiting from SITS

  6. I made a list of songs from the summer I was pregnant with my first. I love how music can bring you back to a certain time.