Tell Him You Love Him: Write It On The Bathroom Mirror

Let your husband know how much you care about him. Get it out there. Tell him what he means to you. Can't think of anything? Search your heart. Try and remember why you fell in love with him in the first place. It means the world to a man when a woman respects and appreciates him.
I wanted Coach to know, so I wrote it out on our bathroom mirror...
My Husband is:
-seeks God's will
-an excellent coach
-makes me laugh
-a good father
I've written notes to him on the bathroom mirror before. It's a great way to suprise him with love.


  1. My husband I use Madison's bath crayons to write notes to each other on our bathroom mirror!

    It is cute to watch him wipe around all the little scribbles to 'preserve' them!

  2. So sweet! What a cute idea!

  3. AWE that is so cute! I have written him notes on the mirror from the steam.

  4. This is a very sweet idea. I am going to think of my list and do just this. Thanks for sharing this special idea.

  5. What a great reminder! Thank you

  6. We have a cute little white board in our "potty room!" It's the perfect place...what else do you have to do in there!? :)

  7. Hello, I'm new to your blog but found you from Superheros & Princesses. I love the idea of leaving notes on the bathroom mirror! My husband works nights so, I can leave him a note before I go to bed for him to read when he gets up to shower. I'm all for everyday romance. :o)

  8. Wow Michelle, this is an awesome idea! Thanks! Will leave a note right now...

  9. I love this and need to do it- my husband has been so wonderful lately! Thanks for the idea!

  10. My hubby has been out of town for a week so I found this just in time to welcome him home! Cute idea!