Things I Googled This Week Vol.4

Welcome to another edition of "Things I Googled This Week", where I bring to you a few of the silly and sometimes random things I google.

Greg Grunberg - actor, currently known for his role as Matt Parkman on NBC's hit series "Heroes". Although I've loved his work ever since he was on Felicity. Just wanted to see what else he was up to - although, I guess I should know, since I follow him on Twitter. (@greggrunberg)

Where is Chuck Norris? - What came up? "Chuck Norris can't be found, he finds you."

knit me together in my mother's womb - searching for the verse in the bible this is from. Forget the old school concordance. I've got the Internet!

Twitter: Didn't realy google it. Just wanted to say that if you are a blogger and you aren't on twitter, you should be. Just sayin.

What did you google this week?

(photo via mikebaird)


  1. Among many things I Googled "pithe helmet" because somebody asked if you could even still buy them.

    Yes, of course you can!

  2. Wait! You know Greg is a founding member of the "Band From TV" charity rock band, right? They have a CD and everything. It probably won't ever win a Grammy, but there's a DVD of them in concert that's fun to view. Family Friendly, too.

    My Teen Queen about melted the whole thing she's watched and listened to it so many times.

  3. I googled Joseph Fiennes since he is starring in Flash Forward (excellant show by the way)

    I googled my Spaghetti and Meatballs sensory tub and it comes up too!

  4. I just came across you blog and busted out laughing about the Chuck Norris comment. Thank you for the great laugh =)