Tissue Paper Flower Craft Fail

For the recent show I held, we had four canopies sheltering us from the blazing heat and we needed a little something to bring life to the inside of the stark whiteness of the overhang. I had seen these incredibly beautiful Tissue Paper Balls and Flowers that I knew would be perfect! So I set to making them, diligently (or so I thought) following the detailed instructions. This....is what I created....

The mother of the baby shower honoree stopped by the day before the shower and said
"Oh! Where is that beautiful butterfly going?"
"Um, that's not a butterfly, I was trying to make a tissue paper ball..."
I tried and I tried to make it come out gorgeous like Imperfectly Beautiful, but mine just would NOT stay poofed up!
Needless to say I was more of the idea generator or "vision caster" if you will, on this project. I enlisted the help of others to make it happen. We were going to hang them individually, but it just wasn't working, so here is our compromise:

Ahhhh, much better. Just the touch needed.


  1. I'm planning on doing these for my daughter's birthday party. I've made a practice one awhile ago and it turned out okay, but I'm hoping the others will turn out even better! :) That was definitely a great touch to the canopy. Great idea!

  2. Good save! Apparently those tissue paper bally things aren't as easy as they seem! I have heard of others with CraftFail issues! ;) I like the cluster of 3, though!

  3. Those are a cute idea! That is a great thing to decorate with!

  4. I have tried more than once to make those stinkin' tissue balls and can never get them. I'm pretty crafty, but not with those! LOL! Great compromise!

  5. Thanks for your comment about my little "Muffin Tin Tuesday!" I'll be sure to come and add my muffin tin to your blog each week! :) I can't wait to start!