20 Ideas And Activities For An Indoor Play Day

Inclement weather is either upon us, or it's coming and why not be prepared with a few activities that your children are sure to love!

1. Make an indoor roadway with painter's tape and a sharpie. Perfect compliment to matchbox cars.


2. Construct an indoor obstacle course with pillows, hampers, and a broom
3. Scavenger hunt – no need to get too detailed with this one. Hide some similar objects around the house and go hunting for them. Create simple clues-verbal or written.
4. Movie Madness Party – Allow Your kids to choose 2 or more movies and do it up movie style, complete with tickets and popcorn. Make it a “drive-in” by decorating a cardboard box like a car!
5. Board Game Bonanza! Gather several board games and hold a tournament series (best 2 out of 3) .
6. Little Artist: spread butcher paper on the kitchen floor, add some crayons and let them go to town. Hang the masterpiece up to admire all day long!
7. Dramatic play: kitchen, store, post office, restaurant, beauty shop…the possibilities are endless.


8. Have the ultimate book reading session! No limit. Just. Pure. Books.
9. Make a snow/rainy day fun box (fill it with crafty stuff for an impromptu collage).
10. Play hide and seek with stuffed animals.

hideaway photo via garden nymph

11. Make an indoor fort or hideaway in a secret space.
12. If it’s raining, make a rain catcher and set it out! At the end of the day, record your findings.
13. Hold a dance party.
14. Make a family video time capsule
to watch on the next indoor play day
15. Act out a favorite children's book together.
16. Have a storytelling session. Let each child contribute to the storyline. Ask “What comes next?”
17. Hold an indoor picnic for mealtime.
18. Have a "Fashion Show".
19. Indoor “Fire Drills” Set the timer to go off and run around the house 5 times. Just like the ones you do outside the car. It’s just about being silly together in a confined space!
20. Write letters/draw a picture for far away relatives/pen pals.


  1. We just played hide & seek with a stuffed animal today! Too funny. My little guy wanted to play, but our house is a little small...so I hid his friend & we played HOT & COLD until he found it. It went over well & we will be playing again soon! Thanks for the other great ideas!

  2. Love your ideas! Were having a blog party, sign ups are until tommorow, and wed love to have you!


  3. I LOVE these ideas! Thank you for the list!

  4. I gave your blog an award. =)