DIY File Folder Book: All About Me

Making an "All About Me" book can be a great way for children to enhance their self esteem, confidence and increase overall self awareness. The process of compiling our books was as much fun as pouring over the finished project. YOu can use almost anything to create an All About Me book. For ours, we used file folders.
I two in half so there were 3-4 "pages". I interviewed the kids about their likes and dislikes and they helped me choose photos for their book.
I broke it down into 3 sections: Who am I?/Me and my family, My Favorites, Meaning of my name/special note from mom.

I covered each seperate page with contact paper, making sure o press out any wrinkles. I hole punched the ends and threaded ribbon through the holes to create the binding.

Tips and Ideas:

~Create an ongoing "journal" book, where kids can add to it as often as they like.

~Make one every year, so you can see how your child's personality, favorites and self perception change over time.

~Children are fickle, so remember that they might like Barbie today, but tomorrow they migh like something completely different!

~ I did most of the mounting of the photos, etc. But thinking about it now, I wish I would have had them add more decoration like stickers, etc.


  1. This is great Michelle.

    I love the idea of making one every year.

  2. I like the idea also of making one every year also! I will have to start one maybe this weekend!!

  3. i love this idea!!! i now plan to hopefully make one everyyear.. sort of like a time capsule.. i need to get started on this... when my kids grow up it'll be nice for them to see what their likes and dislikes where at the time :) :) :) :)

  4. This is such a fabulous idea! My son just wrote an "all about me" paper for school but this idea would be so much fun!