HP C6380 vs. Kodak ESP 7

Look at what fabulousness came in the mail! I have been given an opportunity to participate in a focus group that will compare the HP C6380 All-in-One Printer and the Kodak ESP7 All-in-One Printer. For six weeks, I will be comparing them, side-by-side on a variety of levels. Installation and set up will be first on the list.

I already have a few things I want to point out.

~They are both wireless. (woo-hoo!) That means, no USB cable. Less cords= less clutter.
~ Kodak makes an interesting claim in their commercials and right on the box. "Save 'on average' $110 per year on ink." I will be interested to see how this claim plays out during the duration of my participation in the focus group.

~The HP C3680 is Energy Star compliant, which is nice. I know I'll be saving money and energy if I print with it.
~Right on the box, the Kodak ESP7 says whether or not it is Mac compatible. I was assuming it would be, but I imagine if I owned a Mac, it would be nice to know I can find out by just looking on the box.

As I said before, over the next six weeks, I'll be taking you along on the focus group journey. Every week, you'll get to hear about the positives and the negatives of each. I'll be doing a series of projects to test out the different features of each and in the end, you will be able to decide for yourself which one measures up.


  1. Wow that is cool! Do you get to keep it when it's over in 6 weeks? Can't wait to see how it goes with the wireless thing!

  2. Anonymous2:11 PM

    I'm so excited about this. We discovered our 10year old is really good with a camera, even disposable. So we are getting him one for christmas. I can't wait to find out which you like.