Melt Broken Used Crayons In A Muffin Tin


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I'm not going to reinvent the wheel here...

I followed No Time For Flashcards’ Tutorial to make my own crayons using old, broken crayons. I should have listened to a bit of advice she gave and not used washable crayons. The washable portion separated (as evidenced from the photo above, it’s a tad lighter). It makes it more difficult for the kids to color with. However, it was very simple to do and the kidlets didn’t seem to mind. You can also use silicone/ice cube trays (photo below), but don’t plan on reusing them after this project. And don’t melt the crayons directly into the ice cube trays. I would follow No Time For Flashcards’ crayon melting tutorial using candy molds, if you were going to try the ice cube tray method.


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Have fun melting!


  1. I love making these for when we do leaf rubbings. There is never a shortage of broken crayons lying around, so it's great to know that they can always be put to good use.

  2. we are doing exactly this activity today!

  3. I did this one awhile back, except my son decided he wanted to mix colours to see if he could make 'crazy crayons'. They turned out pretty cool.

  4. Did you oil the cups before melting them? Or did you just put it in the paper cases?

  5. That lighter color is the paraffin separating, I think. If you put the muffin tin in an ice bath (I did water with enough ice to have some floating on the entire surface, but not tightly packed, so the tins could push it around)it cools it quicker, while the wax and colors are still together. I got WAY less paraffin separation than my sister did with her attempt.

  6. We did this in silcon muffin tins from the $1 aisle at target - purchases from a MTM rec - so thank you! worked great, didn't leave any crayon wax behind and were easy to turn out of the tins.