Pumpkin Sun Catcher


It’s Fall. So, my kids are starting to spend more time indoors. That doesn’t mean you can’t let a little sunlight in. You can create this simple Pumpkin Sun Catcher craft with just a few supplies. Sun Catchers are a great way to let kids decorate windows and still let the light of day stream in!

Supplies you’ll need:

~Construction Paper (we chose black)

~Pumpkin “Template”- you can freehand or trace it

~ Tissue Paper (in what ever color you desire)

~ Contact Paper

~Pencil, Scissors, Tape

Cut or tear your tissue paper into pieces. Sort them by color, if you wish (this is a great impromptu learning activity for them!) I like using muffin tins (of course) to hold the kids craft supplies as they are working. I six-cup tin is the perfect size for each child to have their own “set” of supplies!

muffin tin sort

(It’s advisable to do the next few steps BEFORE you enlist your child to do this craft. Otherwise, they will be impatiently waiting around for you to be done. And you might hear the words “Can we do the craft now?” a few too many times. Trust me. I know from experience.

Next, freehand draw or print out a “template” onto black construction paper. (Mine is a free pumpkin coloring page, I enlarged to 150%).

trace pumpkin template

Using scissors, cut out the inside of your pumpkin. Helpful tip: Loosely fold your paper in half, making sure NOT to crease the page. Make a little snip with the scissors on the inside of the traced template to start the cutting. This prevents you from having to cut into the “frame” or outer part of the paper.

pumpkin suncatcher 03

It should look like this:

pumpkin suncatcher 04

Next, cut out squares of contact paper, slightly smaller than your pumpkin frame.

pumpkin suncatcher 05

You’ve now done all the prep. Your little ones can now help you do the tissue paper portion of the craft! Peel off the paper backing from the contact paper. Lay it flat on the table, sticky side up. Let your children create a tissue paper masterpiece.


Peel off the paper on another square of contact paper and carefully lay it over the first piece. Thereby, sandwiching the tissue paper between the two pieces of contact paper.

pumpkin suncatcher 06

Adhere the tissue paper creation to the contraction paper frame and then adhere that (I used scotch tape) to the window.

There you have it! An adorable Pumpkin Sun Catcher!

pumpkin suncatcher 07


  1. That is adorable! Love the idea!!!

  2. Ohhh love it. Another great idea for the girls, we are trying to decorate our house for Halloween with our crafts :)

  3. The perfect addition for Halloween festivities.

  4. I love this craft! I may have to try a version of this with my 2-year old. Thanks for posting!

  5. Very pretty! We will try this out this weekend.

  6. This will be perfect for next week in my preschool class. I'm also thinking an apple shape would work (observe a nice gala apple and then create a sun catcher using beautiful shades of red, yellow, and green).

  7. Anonymous6:20 PM

    I made this with my 1st-2nd grade class today and they turned out great! The kids loved making them, too! Each turned out pretty unique, too!

  8. This looks like a fun craft to do with the little ones!

    Just wanted you to know I've included it in my 15 Halloween Kids Craft Round-up. You can find the link to the post here: http://beanbugcrafts.blogspot.com/2012/10/15-halloween-kid-crafts.html

    Anna @ Bean Bug Crafts