6 Ways Young Children Can Decorate A Pumpkin Without Carving

Do you have little ones too small to carve a pumkin this Halloween? That doesn't mean they can't join in on the fun in their own special way. I have collected a few ideas to help you make the most of this widely loved holiday tradition. Here are 6 ways young children can decorate a pumpkin without carving.

1. Cut out eyes, mouth and nose from magazines, contruction paper or even foam! This idea works for all sizes of pumpkins. Below is our take on this clever idea.

2. Mr. Potato Head Pirate Pumpkin Decorating Kit The makers of the Mr. Potato Head have come out with adorable kits that you can purchase for your little ones. Your child can easily help you decorate the pumpkin with the included pieces in the kit. They have themes such as a pirate, princess, and clown! What a sweet way to celebrate.

3. Use collage materials (pom poms, chenille pipe cleaners, etc.) and other odds and ends to create a unique and ecclectic "masterpiece". I would experiment with different kinds of adhesives (maybe tacky craft glue or "glu dots"?). I know this idea will appeal to my sweet daughter who enjoys the process of creating just as much as the product. She takes after her mother that way...

4. Let your child loose with a sharpie and a pumpkin. Draw a face or let them just doodle, it's up to you. (Just be prepared for the sharpie to get on to places other than the pumpkin. I would lay down newspaper as if you were carving and constantly supervise them.

5. Use food items like cloves, orange rinds, etc. It's best advised to do this the day off your festivities as certain food items may rot. Have your child help you hunt around the kitchen for appropriate items!

6. Paint your pumpkin! Using paints found at your local craft store, let your child explore their inner artist using the pumpkin as a canvas. For extra oomph, add glitter to the finished project while it is still wet.

For more inspiration check out the following links:

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  1. Last year I bought a package of Halloween, foam shaped stickers (bats, pumpkins, witches, etc.) and let B just put them all over the pumpkin wherever he wanted. He was too young to understand that once he decorated it, that it was done and he shouldn't touch it so the stickers actually worked out well for him to decorate and redecorate until he lost interest.

  2. LOL that picture freaks me out a little but these are GREAT ideas!

  3. LOVE the idea of using magazine clippings. What a fun look! Thanks for the great ideas.

  4. Love your magazine cutouts pumpkin face!

  5. Great ideas! We just did the Mr. "Pumpkin" heads last week. I post some pictures tomorrow.

  6. Great ideas for little ones!!

    Mine simply had a blast picking them out - they don't know people actually decorate them and I think I am going to leave it that way! :)

  7. My sister-in-law used to have their kids draw faces on the pumpkins and then they would carve them out. It was pretty cute to see what they came up with.

  8. Last year I cut out paper shapes for a face. Strange, it ended up looking like our neighbor! This year he picked a white pumpkin so it's marker time.