HP C6380 vs. Kodak ESP 7 (Part 2 & 3)

Maybe if I had never laid eyes on the HP, and just had to go on what Kodak was offering I might not see the difference in color in the following photos. But, friends, the camera doesn't lie and in this case it is all too clear to me that the HP Photosmart C6380 is winning in my side by side comparison.

The photo on the left is from the HP, the photo on the righ is from Kodak. Printed on each manufacturer's recommended photo paper brand (their own). As you can see, he HP's coloring is truer and more realistic. While the Kodak photo seems a little washed out.

I printed out some thank you cards (via Living Locurto) for the Muffin Tin Girl's teacher. Can you guess which is which?

The one on the left is the HP and the one on the right is Kodak. I keep waiting for Kodak's ink to change. For it to get better. I followed all the "recommended" instructions if you feel the printer is not producing quality prints. Didn't help. I Still get faded color documents and washed out photos.

Kodak did happen to save face a little when I printed out this super sweet photo collage via HP's Creative Studio. This time, the HP print is on the right. You can barely tell the difference. However, you will note that I used mostly blues in these photos. I did this on purpose. I wanted to see if certain colors were not printing well. It looks (to me) like the blues print well and the reds and greens are the colors that show the biggest differnce in the print quality.

Stay tuned....Coming up in my comparison, I 'll show you via vlog how I print wirelessly and do a test on how fast each printer prints their photos.


  1. We bought a HP F4280 all-in-one when I started a photography class in June and using Espon premium paper the results were great. Quality paper makes a big difference.

    Thanks for your findings, neat to see how things work for real people.

  2. Great review. I had purchased a Kodak printer about a year ago and I actually sent it back because I hated the print quality, specifically the colors.

    I have an HP now that I use in addition to my Canon's. The quality is MUCH better.