Kid Craft: Make A Votive Candle Holder Using Acryllic Paint And An Old Drinking Glass

Do you have an old drinking glass laying around? Turn it into a votive holder with acryllic craft paint, Mod podge, and a tea light. They would make a perfect hand made Christmas gift for friends and family! Don't have an old drinking glass? Shop around at local thrift stores -they have tons for around fifty cents!


To begin, set up your space for the project. Wash and dry the drinking glass. Cover your work surface with newspaper, a vinyl tablecloth, or some other protection.

You'll also need:

  • acryllic craft paints, they come in a variety of colors

  • small paint brush

  • water for rinsing

  • the object you are painting

  • Mod Podge (or other glue-like sealer),

  • and a paint smock for the kids is probably a good idea

 For very small children 2-3 years, may I recommend using 1-2 different colors. This will cut down on the amount of prep as well as the mess. The Muffin Tin Kids are 4 and 5, and they did well with a wider variety of colors.

Next, allow them to paint the drinking glass how ever their little heart desires. Encorage them to go lightly on the paint, but don't stress too much. The thinner the coast of paint, the more light will be able to shine through.

Once they have finsihed painting, allow it to dry for several minutes, even an hour. I wrote their names and the date in sharpie on the bottom, as well. Lastly, paint a think coat of Mod Podge (that's the brand name of sealer) over the entire outside of the glass.

The coat of sealer will take longer to dry and "cure". I recommend setting it on a sheet of wax paper to dry for several hours. And as you see in the photo above, I stuck my hand in the center of the glass, so as not to touch the outside.

Tip: If your child gets frustrated and wants to start over, no worries. Acryllic paint washes off glass very easily. They can start right over!

Place a tea light inside and keep it or give it away to a friend or loved one.

(Do you see the girl with orange hair The Muffin Tin Girl drew? So sweet!)


  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    Cute idea! To make this even more kid-friendly, you can use a small LED tea light. :)

  2. What a great and easy craft! Thanks, I'm going to have my 3yr old do this for his gma's!

  3. Absolutely adorable!

  4. These look beautiful and would make fantastic pressies for Christmas.

  5. Those turned out beautiful - what fun! I can see a whole line of them on my mantle... :)

  6. So pretty! I save ever pickle and sauce jar that we use. I would love to turn them into something fun and get them out of the pantry! :)

  7. Very fun! Love it when kids paint and Mod Podge! :D

  8. This is such a good idea and they turned out beautiful!

  9. Anonymous10:24 PM

    This looks like a great idea. Think I'll get the kids to do them for family. :)

  10. Learning and Teaching with Preschoolers10:52 AM

    I will be using this idea with my students for their gift at Christmas. Thanks for the great idea.

  11. omg LOVE IT and your blog! Off to read more : )

  12. While the result is really cute, it's NOT safe. I would really caution against using drinking glasses to hold votive candles, because they WILL break from the heat! Tealights would be far less risky. The only way it would be safe to use a votive would be to put it inside a separate small votive holder that would fit inside the painted glass, but even then, it might get too hot.

  13. This is so cute, Michelle. I was thinking of making some homemade candles and this would be an adorable way to present them to the grandmas! :)

  14. Jeanine, you make a good point. I did test mine for about 30 minutes and it was okay using a tea light. I do mention that in my tutorial- that I only use a tea light and not a votive sized candle.

    I also tried to pick a thicker heavier glass

  15. Thanks for posting this! I searched for "What can kids make that their parents would love?" and found your site. Great idea I'm going to let my 2 & 5 yr gkds make for their Mommy.

  16. Anonymous3:44 PM

    this is nice

  17. SO COOL! :) I actually did something similar for Mother's Day I helped my son paint one for my mom. We bought the glass candle holder from the dollar store and painted it...she loved it!

  18. What a great idea for all the old empty AirWick candle holders.

  19. Great idea! I featured this today on my blog!