Muffin Tin Monday - Theme: Foods Your Child Is Thankful For

I knew it would happen one of these weeks. I would make a Muffin Tin Meal and completely forget to take a photo of it for Muffin Tin Monday. Well, this is that week.  Made the whole thing, thought I had taken the photo, went to download it, and I was utterly dismayed to find I didn't even take one! I guess I was just too excited from all the hoopla on Sunday. I was completely distracted. More on that later.

I always aim to get my post up on Mondays by 12am. And I want everyone, including those on the East Coast, to have time to link up. Can you beleive I used to manually go and retrieve everyone's photos and links from their blog. Mr. Linky has really lightened the load! All of that to say that, instead of posting a current MTM (I will get one in later today), I am featuring photos of past favorite MTM's that the kids and I have done. We have been doing it for over a year now, so there are quite a few to choose from. And it kind of fits in the general sense that we are soooo thankful for Muffin Tin Monday. It has become a family tradition and super fun way to spend our meal times together.

So here they are:

We love Muffin Cups!

We love Skewers and Kebabs!

Kids pick: Monkey Bites and Frosting Fishing (below):

What did you make for Muffin Tin Monday? Share the URL of your blog post or photo in the form below!


  1. I just love that frosting fishing idea! Thanks.

  2. Oh too bad you forgot to take a picture of your creation! I am sure it was beautiful as all your muffin tin meals are! The ones from the past a wonderful!

  3. So sad about the photo ... darn it! Anyhow, we are really looking forward to the upcoming themes!!! My boy has already put in a request for a future tin ... Super Heroes ... he's really into this!

  4. I hope that I don't ever forget to take a picture! Eek! I'm sure the day will come though... *lol*

  5. We love the muffin tin Monday idea but for our family it's got a different twist. We use ice cube trays because it's what I have. It works pretty well for small snack foods and dips. I look forward to trying out some of your themes with the girls.