Muffin Tin Monday - Theme: Outer Space

This week's theme for Muffin Tin Monday is Outer Space. I realize now that to put a theme on the day after halloween may not have been the best idea! Well, you'll have all week to submit your entries, if you want to participate...I'll keep it short and sweet this week:

We made a simple meal in a star shaped silicone muffin "tin":

Dried fruit bites a.k.a "Astronaut food"
Popcorn "meteors"
UFO (flattened silver muffin cups filled with salami)
Star shaped cheese
Popcorn "meteors"
Apple "Saturn Rings"

What did you make for Muffin Tin Monday? Share it with us by leaving the link to to your blog post or photo below.


  1. CLEVER ideas. And i just love all the muffin tins you have. So "out of this world"!

  2. Wow! Stunning tin! I did not have a clue what to make, and then Little Mouse got sick....will try to join in later this week. Hope you had a great monday!

  3. in 2 wks the them is TBD what is this? To be determined?
    I dont know if you already done the things I am about to suggest bc I just started in about 2 month ago, but here are some possibilities/themes:

    1)Dogs (there are so many breeds this one could be fuin & interesting)
    3)Pizza art
    4)Games (I think this one could be cool, to replicate your childs favorite game?)
    5)Campming (I know its no longer summer but here in FL now is the time we camp LOL)
    6)Changing weather
    7)Sport theme (specifically football/football teams seeing how its football season)
    8)State themes (I think this is a good way to learn about geography, knowing a states fruit, bird,
    flower ect ect, having so many states to choose from couls make it interesting)
    9)Build a Sundae
    10)Superhearo (there are alot of superheros are children like or princesses ect..)

    Anyways I hope some of these help. I dont know if you've done some or all?? Or these will work or not! But I hope you find a few from the list!

  4. I love the UFOs! How cute!

  5. I love this Michelle! Very creative, so cute and fun!!

  6. I love the star muffin tin! Looks awesome! Great lunch!

  7. Ooh, I liked the star muffin tin. I can see that I will need to accessorize! But really, I am so glad to finally be participating. I have used muffin tins and trays for my kids since they started on solids, but I didn't realize so many other moms were doing the same, nor did I realize that it could be elevated to an art form. Some of these moms are so creative.

  8. Very fun ... I loved this theme - I bet your tin was gobbled right up!

  9. So cool to see themes on MTM!! I am just barely starting with MTM and usually its MT Wednesday or some such! If I have enough variety to fill a tin, I go for it, whatever the day!

    Where do you get the cook shaped tins? Are they cheap?

    Thanks for the ideas!

  10. love these muffin tin ideas... I have a question... where do you get all your cool tins? How much are they going for... I see some online for $10, is that the going rate. I have regular muffin tins, but I think the shape ones would be awesome!

  11. If you want to buy them online thru Amazon. etc. I have a button on my sidebar <----that links directly to amazon.com and highlights a few of my recent faves.

    In stores, I know that Michaels and Joanns sell the shaped tins and cups (silicone) for around $9.99, but you can use their 40% off coupon! Walmart and Target also sell the shaped ones for around 9.99
    I asked "santa" aka the hubs for a few for christmas and he was so sweet to get them for me!

  12. ahhh I am running a week behind! I will try and catch up later in the week - any excuse for another MTD :o)

  13. right now all the fall and halloween silicone tins are half off at walmart and target!! I got a few to make MTM baskets for my nephew, neice, and daughter for Christmas! Also don't forget to use the Sunday 40% off coupons at Micheals and the mail coupons from Joanns, both those stores also have cute Muffin Tins and picks :) just a thought to save money! instead of spending 9.99 on each tin!

  14. so my muffin tin has nothing to do with outer space. BUT, it's enough that I'm trying....right???

    Happy Tuesday, all.

  15. possible themes: Autumn, Pilgrim Foods, Kabobs, Make you own pizza,