Muffin Tin Monday

Muffin Tin Monday is a weekly blog carnival, hosted by me, the Muffin Tin Mom every Monday, where we get together and link up posts about the muffin tin meals we make for our kids. Sometimes there is a theme, and sometime there isn't. For more info check out the MTM FAQ and scour past Muffin Tin Monday posts.

This week, there is no theme. :)

We had a rather wonderful lunch after the turkey day festivities. This kids were engrossed in watching a movie while eating their MTM.

Canteloupe, Chex mix, Carrots, Bananas, Cheese Circles and Chocolate Chips

They loved it so much, they had the same MTM 3 times over the holiday weekend! 
Did you make a Muffin Tin Meal for your kids this week? Won't you share it with us? Leave the URL to your blog post or photo in the forn below!
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  1. Yay! It feels so good to be doing muffin tin monday again! I have such a good time. Can't wait for the upcoming Christmas themes :-)

  2. So excited to be participating once again! My girls love it!

  3. The Mr Linky isn't showing up for me? It was there a minute ago...


  4. OH NO! I finally got a minute to sit down and check out everyone's tins and the linky is gone. =( What happened?

  5. I couldn't see Mr. Linky either. Here's our link: http://blueberrypancakesandme.blogspot.com/2009/11/muffin-tin-monday-jesus-is-coming.html

    Your muffin tins are beautiful as always. :)


  6. WOOHOO! I'm Back! And although it's nothing special, it feels good to be back in the routine!


  7. Here's my link...


  8. Yummy! That is a great MTM! So funny that they wanted it 3 times...wow that is a lot of work! I will be back in next week!

  9. We did the fishing MTM this week- that was such a cute idea! Thanks for sharing!

  10. We did the fishing MTM this week. That was such a fun idea- thanks for sharing!

  11. this is such an adorable idea. My daughter would love doing this and it would give us something to look forward to on monday afternoon. so so cute. I will have to start and link when I do one...hopefully next week. =)

    thanks so much for sharing. I love it.

  12. This is a fabulous idea, even the 14 year old will have fun with this!