Peace Love Mom Tee Shirt Review

Recently, PeaceLoveMom sent me a Tee to review. I knew, from the moment I browsed their site, that I was going to love their products. Their tag line is "A Celebration of Motherhood". They carry tees and thermals for moms and kids as well as other products like hats and totes.

Their tees are emblazened with slogans that champion all mothers: Lucky Mom, Happy Mom, Grateful Mom, Timeless Mom, and of course, Peace Love Mom. It's a company run by moms for moms.

I was so excited to recieve my Lucky Mom Tee in the mail. It's pumpkin in color and made of 100% soft jersey cotton.
From PeaceLoveMom:  V neck T-shirt, 100% soft cotton jersey, vintage in feel, modern in style, tapered waist and longer length, expect 5% shrinkage.
After several washes, it has maintained it's shape and the fabric feels just as soft as the day I recieved it. I love the tapered waist and longer length of it. And it's thinner fabric, which I like, but it's held up so far! And I love to wear it around my kids. They always tell me what it says and then ask me why I'm wearing it. I tell them, it's because I am a lucky mom to have two such wonderful kids.

I was a little worried about the sizing. I am a size #$%&* and I know how some tees can be. They say size 8, but it turns out to fit like a 4. Well, I ordered the XL (12 by their standards) and it fits great. It's a tad snug, but it shapes me nice, without being "oh my word" too tight.

Another thing I am concerned over is the price of the tees. At $40, it's hard to justify purchasing these uber cool tees for myself. I would, however, buy them as a gift or ask for one for my Birthday or Christmas. They would make a great gift for the upcoming Holidays. PeaceLoveMom also has a wonderful discounted section of their site called "FabuLESS Mom Finds", where they offer a selection of tees at a great discount, so you can still look fabulous for less!

Looking for a gift this Christmas for a mom in your life or are you looking for an item to put on your wishlist? PeaceLoveMom is a great company with great products for moms! To find out more, visit their site at http://www.peacelovemom.com/ and while your there, be sure to watch the video from CNN.

*PeaceLoveMom sent me one tee-shirt to review on this blog. I was not compensated any other way, other than to recieve the product to review.


  1. I'm in, but I need sleeves. These arms need to be kept under wraps.

  2. I've ordered their shirts and bought as gifts after seeing that CNN spot. They have so many great designs to choose from and the messaging on their designs are empowering. I get stopped in the street by Mom's asking me where to find. PeaceLoveMom has given recognition to all Mothers and has elevated the importance of parenting in the eyes of society.
    I can't say enough good things about their efforts!

  3. @thatgirlblogs: they have awesome tees with sleeves!

    @Bird Rock: I have already been asked by two moms at my son's preschool about where I got the tee.

    I agree, after seeing the interview on CNN and browsing the site, I really got a sense that this company CARES about moms and encourages them to literally wear their hearts on their sleeve!

  4. Eeek... that IS a bit of a price tag :-| Sometimes it's worth it, though, if it's something that fits really well. I'd totally give that as a gift, though. Dang, still not a mom myself. One daaaaay! :)

  5. I didn't know we were the same size! I am also a size @!#$%@#!!! LOL! You have a way with words Michelle, to always put a smile on my face! Thanks for an absolutely stunning blog! Unfortunately we earn Rands and there is no way that I can ever, ever afford one of those super cool tees.... :( But I do love them!