Say Thank You With Photos



Show your gratitude this holiday season with photos! Photo Thank You Cards are fun and easy to make. Before you know it, you will have a personal and creative thank you card ready for that special occasion. You’ll need a few things to get this simple project completed.

  • Magnetic Alphabet Letters
  • Digital Camera
  • Photo Printer
  • Cardstock in color of your choice
  • Glue stick (acid free) or photo corners

I happen to have been blessed with a photo printer thanks to the fine folks at HP. So this project was that much easier because I was able to print the photos at home. (If you don’t have a photo printer at home, then have them printed via your local 1 hour print shop. Many grocery stores have photo printing services available, so you can pick up your print when you are shopping.)

  • Arrange the magnetic letters to spell the words “Thank You”.
  • Photograph the words in good light near a window. Try not to use your flash
  • Print out the image on 4x6 photo paper, set aside
  • Cut  cardstock to 6 1/2 by 9
  • Fold cardstock in half to make a 6 1/2 x 4 1/2 folded card.
  • Adhere “Thank You” photo to front of card using photo corners or adhesive.
  • If cardstock is dark in color, think about lining the inside with a piece of white cardstock sized 4 x 6.

***I am including the “thank you” images in this post, so that you may use them if you wish. I put a creative commons liscense on them, so if you use them in a blog post, just attribute back to me. So, if you don’t have alphabet letters, you can just use mine!

***Click on the photos to be taken to the image in my flickr photstream.



This idea would work great for other occasions like birthdays and get well cards.


  1. Awesome idea!! Cute graphic, too!

  2. Great idea! I use pictures of my kids holding thank you signs sometimes :-) Anyway, been looking at the upcoming MTM themes and I am planning on participating in all of them! I just feel a little stumped for the Christmas morning one. Did you just mean use breakfast food? I feel confused. Can't wait to see you Monday :-)

  3. That is so cute!! What a great idea!

  4. A great idea as always, sometimes the simplest ideas are the best! Have a great Thanksgiving.

  5. Super Cute! I love it!

  6. What a fun way to let someone special know you appreciate them. I like that you can personalise the cards using the magnetic letters.

  7. This is an awesome idea! I'm definitely going to do this, and make a bunch ahead of time to use throughout the year.