What Makes You Feel Beautiful? Thoughts On Self Image.

You know that moment I'm talking about, right? That moment when all is right with the world, when your cares and burdens aren't weighing you down. You look in the mirror and see the awesome woman you are, not the one you think you'll never measure up to. You are gorgeous and alive and you feel it. When is that moment for you and what gets you there?

I'll be honest an tell you that I struggle with self image. Because of the kind of cancer I had 3 years ago, it has left me a post-menopausal mess and I'm only 32! I can't take hormones. I can't eat foods that will even simulate the production of hormones. That has caused me to gain some weight. And I have kind of lost my mojo a little bit in recent months.

But, the more I am disheartened about the current state of my body, the more I have come to realize that it's not about how much I weigh, or don't weigh. It's not about how other's see me or some unrealistic image I have in my head about what I should look like. It's about how God sees me. That's what makes me feel the most beautiful, the most loved.

Sure, a makover with perfect style, a la What Not To Wear, would surely cure the outside. It would make me feel beautiful to have that done It might even give me a needed boost of confidence. After all, the right fitting clothes can tranform a person's body. But, for me, the inside is what I am getting at.

There is a children's story put together by the makers of the Veggie Tales called A Snoodles Tale. It tells the story of a little "Snoodle" and how all the other Snoodles in Snoodleberg told him he wasn't good enough, talented enough, and he could never do anything right. The litte Snoodle believed what the others told him. Until the little Snoodle met The Tower Maker of Snoodleberg. The Tower Maker showed the little snoodle how He saw him - beautiful and perfect. And The Snoodle finally understood. Sometimes I feel like that Snoodle.

I want my beauty to radiate from the inside out. I want to be transformed inside so much, that the outside beauty is never an issue. That I'll want to take care of myself because God has taken care of me -He's told me I'm beautiful and perfect. I confess, I struggle with this issue.  What about you?

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  1. It's funny you posted this today. I blogged this morning about a girl in my missions class that is really struggling with body issues. I wish I could make her understant what a beautiful girl she is, but I'm afraid that my voice isn't loud enough.


  2. I can pretty much guarantee you'll get a lot of comments on this one...I don't know a single woman who doesn't deal with this. I love the Snoodle story too because it shows us that WE are the ones who have the decision to believe the truth or the lie. As someone who has had poor self imagine for an awfully long time I've found that choosing to work on myself (take care of myself, strengthen 'weak' areas...physically and spiritually, etc) goes a long way towards helping me believe the truth.

  3. This is constant struggle for me since having children. My body changed so much and I have horrible stretch marks. Before kids I was built the way I felt like I deserved for the work I put into my body (ie food and movement) Now I struggle to do the things I know I need to do because it does not change the outward appearance the same way it used to, so why try? My husband has a really hard time with me because he thinks the way I see myself and the way I talk about myself is so ugly now. I DO NOT want my daughter to talk the way I talk of myself or compare to other girls, but I am struggling to find the confidence I want her to see. I am curious if anyone has a good book or bible study for self image? I know that is not the answer but I need to begin the journey back to myself somewhere! Thanks for letting me know I am not alone!

  4. Just before I opened your mail (I get my feeds via email) I opened a mail for a competition for a Makeover worth quite a few thousand rands. I was busy entering and I decided to first read your post. Wow, this was definatley the Holy Spirit inspiring you to write this post! I immediately realized once again what is truly important in life. Not my clothers, make up or hair style, but my faith in God! Thanks Michelle for reminding me! As you said what happens inside of us (our faith) is much more important! Thank you for your testimony and thank you for sharing on such an intimate level.

  5. Thanks, Michelle for the post.

    It's been a constant struggle to see me how God's sees and not how the Lord classifies it as...

    Thanks for your honesty and openness...and you are beautiful inside and out :)

  6. I am in a Bible study that JUST finished Beth Moore's study on Esther called "Esther: It's Tough Being A Woman." It has been amazing. One of the points she made was "It's tough being a woman in a world where beauty is a treatment." Ouch. That's where we live now, but we follow a God who thinks we're beautiful the way we are, in fact, that's how He made us. I recommend diving head first into that study...it has changed my point of view.

  7. I think we all struggle with similar issues, whether or not we choose to admit it. The hard part is remembering that God will help us to change only when we are ready (truly ready) for that to happen.

  8. Wow! A high school girlfriend just posted that having kids has made her feel ugly.

    I have issues with body image as well. One thing that makes me feel beautiful is to know that I have 3 beautiful children, I have nursed them all and carried them to the best of my bodies ability.

    I also have PCOS which is hard for me to have managed right now since I am nursing Munchkin.

    Have you ever looked at


    It is really an inspiration to see how mothers stand behind each other for support

    Hang in there. You ARE beautiful!!!