How to Craft Paper Pointsettias

paper poinsettia craft

Yesterday I was feeling the itch to make something with my hands and I have also had poinsettias on the brain. Mostly with pronouncing it – Is it “point-set-uh” or “point-set-ee-uh”. A fun little side project was to research the history of the poinsettia flower as it applies to Christmas. So, I made these simple paper flowers. They are easy enough for older children to make (about 5 and up) and a great indoor craft project.

Things You’ll Need:

crafting tools
  • red 12x9 construction paper,
  • glue,
  • scissors
  • craft “popsicle sticks”
  • hole punch (1/4 inch preferable)
Here’s how:
1. Cut your 12x9 piece of paper in half, making it 6x9. Keep cutting in half until you have a stack of 3x2 1/4 paper.
2. Fold Lengthwiwise as shown below. Using your scissors, cut the petal out. Want to cut more than one petal at a time? Simply fold a bunch of pieces of paper (3 max) together and cut!

paper poinsettia 01

3. Hole punch the bottom center of the petals.
4. place a small dot of glue/adhesive on one side of a petal (photo below is of a different petal variation). Connect it to the corner of another petal.

paper poinsettia 03paper poinsettia 04

5. Repeat until six petals are connected. The center of the flower should remain open. They should look something like these.

paper pointsettia 05
paper poinsettia craft 06

  • The tighter the inner circle, the more it will bend out. 
  • The wider the initial cut, the fatter the petal will be.
  • I purchased the colored craft sticks at the Dollar Tree
  • And because I had all the tools on hand, this fun project was free!