HP C6380 vs. Kodak ESP 7 Ink and Paper Test (Part 5)

Results from my water test are included in the video.  I submerged 4x6 photos in water for 1 minute. It's quite incredible.

A few important things to note:
  • I used comparable photo papers The HP Advanced 4x6 Photo Paper and the Kodak Premium 4x6 Photo Paper - both glossy 
  • Kodak has contacted me personally (via twitter) about this, mentioning that their Ultra Premium Paper does not produce these results. That might be true, but doesn't that defeat the purpose of their low ink costs?
  • The HP paper I used isn't even their best paper, which says something about the quality of it's paper.
  • The results from this video are kind of hard to see because the youtube download is kind of grainy.
  • The reliability of HP's products really make a difference here, in my opinion.
  • I will ALWAYS be buying Advanced/Premium Photo Paper from now on.
  • The right printer + the right ink + the photo paper makes all the difference.


  1. Just curious what the paper weight is - are they different? When I was taking a photography course I found the heavier the paper the better the quality. Just wondering since the Kodak seems lighter.

  2. Both papers are 66lbs. If you click on the links I provided, it will take you to the product page.

  3. HOLY MACKEREL! OK, I'm sold. Pretty impressive display there.