HP C6380 vs. Kodak ESP 7 (Part 4)

I missed posting last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, so this week, I will present two posts on the HP Virtual Focus Group.

This week I want to showcase the scanning and copying  features of the HP C6380 and the Kodak ESP7. I have had the opportunity to use the scanner several times over the last 5 weeks. Our family mostly scans signed documents, old family photos and children's artwork.

Below is an adorable photo of my late mother when she was 2 years old. The first one is scanned using the HP c6380

The second photo was scanned using the Kodak ESP7

Clearly, there is a difference here folks. In the first photo, you can even see the tear marks as if it were the original. I chose this photo so you could see the clarity and detail each scanner does or does not pick up.

Later, when I copied my daughter's artwork, it was the Kodak that won out on clarity. The top right is the original. Below it, the HP copy and left of the original is the Kodak. The coloring is slightly off on the kodak, but the photo makes it difficult to see.

Also of note is the user interface for the scanning process....the Kodak does not allow for direct scanning to your computer. You must first scan it to a memory card and then download that to the computer. The HP scans directly to the computer. I found that to be a tedious step and if I had the choice, I would choose to scan via the HP.

**UPDATE** - I was contacted by Susan of Kodak (@KodakPrinters on Twitter) and she kindly talked to me about the Kodak, and I realized that the printer was offline when I tried to scan to the computer. Silly me, it was my fault. I should have investigated a little further.

I was able to later scan another photo directly to the computer and it was a very easy process....Thanks to Susan and Kodak for making the effort to reach out a fix this.


  1. I visit your blog often, but don't often comment as my children are quite past the "muffin tin" stage;) But I had to take a moment to say that I just adore that photo of your dear mama. It is one of the most precious things I have ever seen... the clothing, the pose, the facial expression! All just darling♥

  2. Amazing the differences in the scanning ability! Thanks for sharing your results!

  3. I have to admit that not scanning to the computer would be a deal-breaker for me. I do not need extra steps.

  4. Susan (@KodakPrinters)2:52 PM

    Actually, the ESP 7 (and other Kodak printers) do allow you to scan to your computer (either from the front panel or from the SW on your computer). Can I help?

  5. Susan, I tried scanning directly from the console on the Kodak printer and when I went to choose where I wanted to scan to...the only option the ESP 7 gave me was to a memory card. It would not allow me to choose any other option.

  6. Cool - thanks for posting the clarification, Michelle.