Quick and Easy Clay Pot Reindeer Craft

You only need a few simple things to make this cheerful little guy. And if you don't have a clay pot (or don't want to buy one, you can use a segment of a carboard tube.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Miniature Clay Pot
  • Red or brown "pom-pom"
  • adhesive/glue gun
  • googlie eyes
  • brown construction paper

Cut out antlers from brown construction paper.
Using the adhesive/glue put it all together.
Additional step (optional): paint the pot dark drown.

Here's how The Muffin Tin Boy's came out. I would agree with the Muffin Tin Dad who said he likes MT Boy's reindeer better because the antlers are more substantial. :)

Fill it will sweet treats or even a satchel of pot-pouri for a quick and easy kids gift


  1. oooh we could use that to leave the reindeer a snack next to Santa's cookies! Cute!

  2. I need to remember that for next year for presents...that is just too cute!!