Are You A Morning Person Or A Night Owl?

I have never been a morning person. Ask my husband. He will tell you that Grumpy McGrumperson lives at our house before I have had my morning coffee. I have been that way almost my entire life.
However, for every minute it takes me to wake up in the morning, I gain it in the evening. I am a thriving ball of accomplishment from 10pm to Midnight. I don't know if my brain has spent all day working out a plan and chooses that moment to kick in, but it happens most nights.
My mother, on the other hand is a morning person. Growing up, I have a clear memory of walking down the hall in the morning and seeing the light on in the kitchen and knowing she had been up for a few hours already. She always greeted me with a smile as she was preparing for her day.
I have often thought about those mornings since having children and wondered just how did she do it? I am not sure I will ever get to that point. I would have to trade in my late nights. And I like them.
So, I have been thinking...
Just like my mother's early mornings, my late nights can serve to prepare me for the day. It will just be the next day. I can prep and clean, and launder (and pre-preprogram that coffe maker) so that when the alarm goes off the next morning, maybe my grumpiness wont be so noticable.
photo credit: kevindooley
So, are you a morning person or a late night owl? Any tips and tricks for me?


  1. I'm totally a night owl! I hate mornings like nobody's business! I have no advice, other than COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE...and an occasional Monster! ;)


  2. I am usually a morning person. I like the idea of starting my day before everyone is up. However, since being pregnant, I am neither a morning nor a night person. LOL! I have only a few good hours in the middle of the day and the rest of the time I am exhausted!

  3. Ali, sometimes I do drink a red bull, but I know they can be crap for your body.

  4. If I can stay up until everyone else is out, then I get a rush and would take on the world... practically until the sun comes up again.

    My last job had a 2 hr commute each way, so I got accustomed to waking up at 3 and going down early.

    IF I get up early, and can have some peace and quiet and coffee to pull my thoughts together then I do pretty good. What's important is that I get some quiet at some point... everyday.

    Don't be ashamed that you are NOT a morning person! God made us that way b/c He needs us as night :) (my daughter likes to stay up late... I try not to let it stress me thinking maybe God wants her to be a Doctor or someone else who needs to keep weird hours!)

  5. I am certainly a morning person, by 10pm I am pooped BUT everyone else is up at the crack of dawn in this house so I never get a couple of hours in before everyone gets up.

  6. I am most definitely a NIGHT person. Have always had trouble falling asleep at night - that is when my brain seems to 'wake up.'

  7. @ Lisa - 2 hr commute! wow, I would've hated that. the longest I ever had was 1 hr and it was torture.

    I agree though, every mom needs a little peace and quiet every day. :)

  8. I have to get up at 5 am every morning, but if i didnt I would be a night owl. I LOVE staying up late, and HATE getting up.
    Coffee saves me every morning!

  9. I LOVE your grumpy name! We call it Grouchapotamus... which is me in the morning too btw.

  10. @ Stephanie, Coffee saves me too. I think Starbucks should do a whole ad campaign around us moms. I would start with the tag line - "Starbucks: Helping moms get through the morning one cup at a time." :)

  11. Oh, definitely a night owl...always have been. It kicks my tail now that I'm a mommy though...and yet I still stay up! I am the most productive at night.

  12. i never sleep. and my friends will tell you that one of my favorite mottos in life is "sleeping is for losers".

    also. i'm not a vampire.

  13. man; I used to be a night owl all the way! With kids and a crazy life; I'm neither now! I conk out early and wake up early because I have to. I would rather sleep in all the time though...
    ps. I used to drink Red Bull before I got pregnant and now I miss it. It was the nectar of the gods

  14. I think you are what you are. I've been a morning person since a little girl. How can anyone make it past 10pm? Just think, we're sleepy at night and can't drink coffee or we really will be in trouble!

  15. I am actually a morning person, but not by choice I am becomming a Night person as well! The only time I get something done is if I either stay up late or get up very early. And I need coffe via an IV in both situations!

  16. I am a night owl...100% even named my blog after it. It best describes me:)....I am working on shifting my sleep time a bit as I am becoming similar to a newborn at this point mixing up my nights and days :)

    best of luck...embrace it :)