Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to the best readers in the whole world! Thank you so much for your readership and loyalty. The community and friendships I have built through this blog are such a blessing! If you can't already tell, I have been taking a little bloggy break. I realized that I have been going strong for over a year and it was time to just take a breather. Even if it is a mini one. I'll be back for No Need For The Sunday Paper and for Muffin Tin Monday, and back to regular posting then. :)


  1. Happy New Years to you!

  2. Happy New year Michelle! Hope that 2010 is full of loads of blessings for you and your family!

  3. Happy New Year to you Michelle and your family. I hope 2010 brings you the best of everything.

    I am really looking forward to following your wonderful blog in 2010.

  4. Well gosh, thank you! Happy new year to you, too! Here's a couple awards to show you how much I love YOUR blog, too! ;)

  5. Michelle - I love your idea to use muffin tins to serve my little one's food in! We just tried it out over the weekend & my tot LOVED it! Here is a pic of him:

    Thanks! Nicole