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As I welcome in the new year and look forward to 2010 (that's "twenty-ten", I asked around), I wanted to take a "state of the blog" poll and see how you, my readers are liking what the Muffin Tin Mom is dishing out. My aim is to encourage and inspire moms with only the "good stuff".

I have a poll up on my side bar for your to answer a few questions. If you are reading this in a subscriber, or by email, I would love for you to stop by and share with me either by poll or by comment. Here are the questions:
  • More kid crafts and activities, please. Can't get enough of 'em  
  • More crafty DIY projects, I love those!  
  • Didn't you use to do recipes? I want more of that . 
  • I don't have a preschooler.  Can you do projects, crafts, etc. for older kids?
  • More Muffin Tin Monday/Meals, baby!
  • Vlogs are kinda cool. Talk about more stuff
  • Reviews/Giveaways Hearing about cool stuff and getting a chance to win it is my cup o' tea.
So, check out the poll in the sidebar to your left and let me know what you think!

**I can't enable the multiple answers  box, so if you have more than one, just leave me a comment. :)


  1. Since I am new here, I really like Muffin Tin Monday!

  2. Just came to vote, but can I not select more than one? I'm greedy!

  3. if you want to see more than one topic, leave a comment!

  4. Ok, if I could vote for multiple choices, I'd say:

    more kid crafts and activities, can't get enough of 'em

    more crafty DIY projects, I love those!

    More Muffin Tin Monday, baby!

    Reviews and/or Giveaways! Love me some free stuff!

  5. PS I've been meaning to do something similar on my blog but I was afraid no one would vote :)

  6. I too would have multiple answers. I love the muffin tin mondays of course. have to keep those!
    Others I like.

    •More kid crafts and activities, please.
    •More crafty DIY projects, I love those!
    •Reviews/Giveaways Hearing about cool stuff

    Crafts for older kids would be cool too. I have both. Thanks!

  7. Um... all of them??

    Melinda :D

  8. I definitely have to leave a comment because I can't pick just one. I love kids crafts, even though we really can't do many yet because my son is only 14 months, it gives me ideas for the future.

    I love finding new recipes!

    And of course, I love Muffin Tin Monday. When we started Dawson only had 2 teeth...now he has 6 teeth, so while we are still limited he can eat a lot more now. And I love seeing what the other ladies come up with. MTM (along with Book Fan Friday hosted by http://threeasandac.blogspot.com/) are my favorite posts of the week to do.

    Giveaway are cool, too, but I could live without them.

  9. Anonymous6:54 PM

    I want more of everything! Who could choose just ONE!!?

  10. I am a new reader, but I am really interested in muffin tin mondays and preschool crafts. I have a 2 year old and am always looking for more ideas!

  11. Voted already and its - Muffin Tin Monday/Meals!!

    Love it, love it! :D

  12. I voted, and I do have a preschooler to do crafts with, but I am also looking for crafts for my older child, and ideas for things we can do together than could be leveled up or down. Does that make sense? Something that the 3 year old could do that could be tweaked a bit for the 5 year old, and visa versa. And things that could be divided "big kid part", "little kid" part so that they could use their own age appropriate skills, but work together.

    Thanks for your blog. We don't do muffin tin days yet, but I have started giving them hodge podge snacks of leftovers/contents of almost empty bags in muffin tins as snacks, which I got from you. They love it, except they say I need nicer tins (thus not photos).

  13. Of course I voted for MTM, but I also love seeing what crafts you and the kiddos do so please keep that going...and who doesn't love Giveaways!! :)

  14. I nominated you for a blog award! Come see! I really love your blog, Keep it up!

  15. I found your blog a few months ago & love it! The muffin tin ideas are so cute and crafts with the kids are always fun!!