Scooby Doo Birthday Party For A Girl

The birthday party for Muffin Tin Girl was a success! Thank you for all of your well wishes. I read here each comment. I am still amazed that 22 children and 15 adults fit into the house! The Scooby Doo theme for a girl actually went over well. I didn't go all out this year. No handmade invites or goodie bags. Just simple fun. Party City helped reign in the theme with a great selection of Scooby-Doo themed cups, plates and other birthday ware (No, they aren't a sponsor.)

My Sister-in-law helped me frost the cake and hand drew that awesome Scooby. To "girl it up" a bit, I hung paper flowers and had them laying on tables. Each child got to take home their own container of "Scooby Snacks" - a.k.a. Chex "Muddy Buddies".
We played a game of hide and seek through out the house - finding hidden dog bones.) There were an insane amount of presents - something I was not prepared for. I guess that's what happens when the entire kindergarten class comes! And I owe a huge thank you to my mom, brother, and husband who helped behind the scenes. I could not have done it without their help.

Muffin Tin Girl was skipping around, as is her normal fashion when she is excited, and said "Mommy, this is the best day of my life!".

Unfortunately about 2 hours after everyone left, Kya promptly threw up and I spent the rest of the night by her side. I think she caught the stomach flu. It's been going around. Poor girl hasn't been up and about yet. I snapped a photo from my phone.


  1. glad the party was such fun. and the hide and seek dog bone game is a great idea. and hopefully, none of the kids ate them. though i'm told it won't harm them. and i was told that for reasons you can just guess on.

  2. So Cute!!! I feel horrible that she caught the flu the day of her party! At least it waited until the party.

  3. We did a girl scooby party as well a couple of years ago. The party section of our BX had Scooby decoration for a girl's party, believe it or not. They had purple and pink flowers on them. Since I'm a big Scooby fan from childhood as well, it's no wonder it's been capitalized on.

    Your cake came out great. A friend made ours from a Scooby mold. I couldn't buy one with Scooby on it, due to licensing issues - I wonder if that was true for you too.

    Thanks for sharing your daughters special day,
    Happy Birthday Muffin Tin Girl!

  4. I'm glad that she had a great party! That's too bad that she got sick afterward. Poor girl. :-(

    My niece turned 6 on the same day. Weird. *lol*

  5. Wow that cake looks like a professional drew it...great job! Yay about the party...sounds like a great time. Love the scooby snacks!

    I hope she feels better today maybe just a 24 hour bug thing. I am hoping!

  6. I'm loving your new site Michelle! I've just been lurking lately and not really commenting. You are such an inspiration!